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Coral Ecology (06:38)


The barrier reef in the Bahamas is the largest in the Caribbean, stretching almost 1,000 miles and housing a vast ecosystem. The Khalid Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation works to access remote, understudied areas, hoping to protect the reefs from further deterioration.

Underwater Research (05:23)

Scientists conduct a baseline study on the coral life of the region to understand what areas of the reefs the Bahamian government should conserve. The coral research occurs in two parts— coral mapping and scuba surveys.

Planning for Research Dives (06:01)

Scientists return to the research vessel "Golden Shadow" between dives to document findings and plan the next dive. Dr. Sonia Bejarano describes the process by which reefs are rid of harmful, carnivorous algae. Lindy Knowles dives to determine what healthy fish communities are left and collect data on invasive lionfish.

Future of the Bahamian Reefs (05:35)

Sam Purkis receives the data collected by scientists to create a comprehensive map of the reef system and its inhabitants. In the lab, Bejarano determines that more algae grows on reefs exposed to more ocean waves; herbivorous fish should be protected in those areas.

Credits: The Bahamas (00:35)

Credits: The Bahamas

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The Bahamas

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Voiced by a local conservation officer, this episode explores one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, which stretches for nearly a thousand miles in the Caribbean Sea. Working together with local scientists and conservation workers, the Golden Shadow team documents the reefs in the Bahamas and probes their ability to cope with the perils of climate change.

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