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End of the Oil Age (04:02)


Bertrand Piccard wants to circumnavigate the globe in a solar-powered plane. The Tesla club meets in Sturia, Austria.

Oil Industry Rules the Globe (03:50)

Major companies reject renewable energies. Futurologists worry that Europeans will resist changing from fossil fuels. Learn the history of electrical vehicles since Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetism.

Piccard Lands in Oman (04:23)

Students at Graz study how to make electric cars more efficient. Team Ibex works to adapt the prototype to the conventional driver. Piccard lands in Ahmedabad.

Innovation Designs (04:14)

Spirit combines emotional brand experience with sustainability. Franz Luckler explains how changes will be gradual. Piccard begins his third leg traveling across India.

Hybrid Technology (03:47)

Luckler explains that the most optimal solution would combine electronic batteries with combustion engines. Sales of electronic cars have increased in recent years.

Creating Something New (05:02)

Futurologists hope the automobile industry will create something innovative as the mobile phone industry did. Tourists rent e-bikes and e-cars to visit landmarks. A car-sharing service can replace eight private vehicles; the postal service is dedicated to using carbon neutral technologies to deliver mail in Vienna.

Renewable Energy (04:52)

Piccard will fly 20 hours to Beijing, China. Solar panels line the roof of the post office in Vienna. Electrical grids need to be adapted to incorporate wind farms and solar panels but it will be very labor and cost-intensive.

Batteries (05:12)

Ideally, batteries should possess a high energy density, inexpensive, easy to produce, reusable, recyclable, and a quick charge. Manufacturers promise eight years of energy. Experts discuss whether electronic cars are viable.

Is Hydrogen the Future (04:23)

Piccard travels from China to Hawaii. Hydrogen is a promising replacement to fossil fuels. The Aston Martin Hybride participated in an international race competing with zero carbon emissions.

Modern Cities (04:02)

Town planners are working on cost-effective and innovative ways to combine green technology and urban cities. Experts discuss the future of energy technology.

Credits: Oil-Power Vs E-Power (00:24)

Credits: Oil-Power Vs E-Power

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The spectacular circumnavigation of the globe by a purely solar-powered plane has shown what new energy is capable of. Hot on the heels of the electric car comes the electric aeroplane. Even if Solar Impulse, the company behind the plane, has not yet developed a fully market-ready product, it has demonstrated its feasibility. And in e-commerce, business models usually grow exponentially. The success of the e-mobility industry is helping it make strides into well-defended cushy fiefdoms. In the same way that Audi and BMW fear Tesla and Google, it may well be that the aviation giants, Boeing and Airbus, are threatened by competition from the realm of the battery. Schindler, the elevator manufacturer, has embraced the e-philosophy and put its weight behind the Solar Impulse project.

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