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Designer Drugs (05:17)


Scientists use a mobile laboratory to test the composition of ecstasy, speed, cocaine, and other drugs on the black market. The Vienna Drugs Initiative is attempting to inform people about the risks of these types of drugs.

Cognitive Enhancements of Drugs (06:37)

Amphetamines are one of the most common drugs on the black market and are consumed by 12%t of the people surveyed, mostly so they can party longer. These drugs are commonly referred to as speed and are psychoactive substances that have many physical effects.

Drug Stimulus (07:43)

MDMA, known as ecstasy, is the party drug; one in four people have experimented with this drug. Dangerous medicinal drugs are often sold on the black market as ecstasy.

Global Drug Survey (01:24)

Scientists test up to 100 samples each night and learn that drug users buy drugs without knowing what they are. Drug initiatives are vital to the safety of people who have made narcotics a part of their lives.

Credits: Looking for the Kick (00:25)

Credits: Looking for the Kick

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This episode analyzes the dangers and effects of drugs.

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