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Finding the Right Care Options (08:04)


Appropriate care options is an important part of caring for elderly or sick loved ones. At-home caregivers assist with day-to-day needs in the home. Adult daycare, assisted living options, and skilled nursing facilities provide a greater level of care.

Cost and Legal Considerations (06:13)

The cost of skilled nursing care facilities depends on the facility and level of care provided. Family members should consider payment options such as Medicare or long-term care insurance. A living will and medical power of attorney should be drafted before someone moves into a long-term care facility.

Normal Aging and Health (08:33)

People undergo numerous changes as their age advances, including a longer recovery time from injuries. The health of residents at skilled nursing care facilities with chronic or degenerative conditions will decline over time. Understanding normal health declines can help loved ones identify problems.

Credits: When Someone You Love Can't Live at Home (00:07)

Credits: When Someone You Love Can't Live at Home

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The experience of finding the right long-term care setting can be emotional, overwhelming, and full of questions: There are so many options, which is right? How will this be paid for? How can I tell they’re getting good care when they’re not getting any better? Am I doing the right thing? This program provides guidance on finding the right long term care solution, describing what needs to be done, what considerations to look at, and how to find the best fit for each situation. It explains whot to look for in a facility, discusses costs and legal issues, reviews residents' rights, and looking at the natural process of aging.

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