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Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. This is the third in a three-part series on how nurses and patients themselves can prevent medication errors. Learn about various prescribing, omission, wrong time, improper dosing, wrong dose, wrong drug preparation, wrong administration, fragmented care, and unauthorized drug errors.

Enhance Medication Safety (11:06)

Follow guidelines provided by the Joint Commission, Institute for Safe Medical Practices, and the FDA. The "Do Not Use" list of medical abbreviations includes u, iu, qd, ms, and trailing zeroes. Two providers must verify and validate that the label is correct.

Enhance Patient Involvement and Education to Enhance Medication Safety (03:21)

Empower patients in their own health. Ask patients to have a list of all their current medications at home in a prominent place and a second copy carried in their purse. Cell phones contain apps that list conditions, medications taken, and allergies.

Enhance Communication and Conclusion (01:49)

Nurses should ensure patients understand what medications have been prescribed, the dosage, when it should be taken, and any special instructions. Nurses should rely on the guidelines provided by The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies to prevent medication errors.

Credits: Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do (00:49)

Credits: Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do

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Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do

Part of the Series : Preventing Medication Errors
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This program describes best practice recommendations from the Joint Commission that nurses can put in place in their own day-to-day activities. It review ways to increase patient involvement and education so that they can make a difference and protect themselves from medication errors.

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