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Terminology (01:55)


Wandering is potentially dangerous. Learn definitions for commonly occurring terms in geriatric care: Alzheimer's disease, dementia, elopement, and sundowning.

Understanding Wandering and Elopement (02:18)

Some wandering is considered beneficial. Unsafe factors include medications, as a result of a physical need, and being in unfamiliar surroundings.

How to Prevent Unsafe Wandering (07:37)

Mitigate a lawsuit and elopement by identifying at-risk residents, performing periodic assessments, recognizing wandering behaviors, and documenting it. Residents afflicted with dementia are prone to behavioral changes; encourage individuals to participate in group activities during trigger times. A physicians order is required to use strategies.

Wandering Strategies (02:51)

Know where the at-risk residents are at all times, observe new residents, place photographs of wandering patients outside their room, monitor exits, protect keypad codes, and inform visitors about rules.

Addressing Underlying Triggers to Wandering Behaviors (03:28)

Add familiar items, provide activities, address physical needs, take accompanied walks, and engage residents in group activities. Visual signs and environmental camouflage deters residents from wandering.

Electronic Methods of Intervention (02:24)

Door alarms, video cameras, patient tracking devices, keyless entry, and wander prevention sensor bracelets deter elopement. Respond immediately to all alarms, report all false alarms, and understand how to operate devices.

What to Do When a Resident Is Missing (03:02)

All staff participates in searching for the individual. Run periodic drills, be familiar with policies, and notify local law enforcement after a patient elopes. When a patient is found, perform a physical and document the event using only the facts.

Credits: Elopement Prevention (00:12)

Credits: Elopement Prevention

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While not all wandering is unsafe, caregivers in the long term care setting must understand that the potential for harm from a resident's wandering is ever present. This program explains how to determine if wandering is safe or not, identifies triggers of unsafe wandering, demonstrates how to assess new residents for at-risk behaviors, and emphasizes the importance of periodic reassessment. It presents strategies for preventing wandering, discussing the importance of electronic methods of intervention, and considers steps to take when a resident is missing and when that resident is found.

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