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Foraging for Food (05:06)


Humans used to hunt and gather resources. After the logging industry diminished, individuals began picking mushrooms to make money. Langdon Cook, Doug Carnell, and Jeff Lacey collect golden and white chanterelles in a forest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Heading to Market (01:59)

Prices drop as the wild mushrooms age. Cook, Carnell, and Lacey sell the mushrooms to local vendors.

Mushroom Soup with Egg Noodles (02:06)

Chef Andy Bickar teaches how to refine tuna noodle casserole using golden chanterelle mushrooms.

Wayne County (04:21)

Chuck Green explains how the deer population exploded in recent years. The animals destroy Travis Aycock's soybean fields. "Hunters for the Hungry" shoots the game and donates meat to Bailey Ministries.

Breaking Down a Deer (02:31)

A hunter skins the game and demonstrates how to cut the meat. The community gathers for a barbeque.

Roadkill Cook Off (08:02)

People across the country gather in Marlinton to compete with recipes. Participants use squirrel, raccoon, deer, possum, and other types of animal. East meets West Virginia wins the competition for "Peter caught on tailgate."

Credits: Wild Food, I Think I Love You, Episode 12 (00:29)

Credits: Wild Food, I Think I Love You, Episode 12

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Episode 12:Wild Food, I Think I Love You (Food Forward, Season 2)

Part of the Series : Food Forward (Season 2)
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Once upon a time, wild food was all there was. If you didn’t pick it, catch it, or kill it, you didn’t eat. That’s all changed, of course, but what have we lost in our move from the wilderness that once supported us? And what could we gain by rediscovering foraging as a source of food?

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