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Testing Time

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Crossed Portraits

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Life Experiences

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Meaning of Life

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The Making of 6 Billion Others

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The series 6 Billion Others tries to draw a portrait of contemporary mankind by asking questions about universal values. What is happiness, love, fear, success, family? What lessons can we learn from life’s difficulties? What is the meaning of life? What makes us laugh and cry? Using camera close-ups, the viewer focuses on the words and facial expressions of people from around the world who share their thoughts, their memories, with spontaneity and sincerity. Focusing on 12 themes, these interviews cut across humankind and enrich us by their diversity and by the thoughts they provoke.

Length: 362 minutes

Item#: FMK150130

ISBN: 978-1-64347-571-4

Copyright date: ©2007

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"Sure to spur discussion, this interesting production is recommended." —Video Librarian, 2009

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