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Inner Conflict on Project Participation (02:39)


Sylvia felt apprehension about filming her session, but now feels more relaxed. She reflects on disclosing private feelings to a public audience. Carl Rogers appreciates her attempt at acting normally, to contribute to research.

Client Reflection of the Counselor (04:48)

Sylvia expresses appreciation of her time with Rogers. She aspires to live her beliefs and values and to be comfortable with herself, as he does. He interprets this as being genuine, caring about her, and understanding her emphatically.

Relationship Challenges (06:06)

Sylvia wants to be self-confident and support her children. She appreciates Rogers' interest in her life. She brings up difficulties in relating with men and handling rejection.

Client Experiencing Confusion (01:55)

Sylvia wonders whether she should change herself or act artificially to be in a relationship. Rogers discusses her attempt to talk about the issue rationally and the common feeling of inadequacy.

Facing Rejection (05:24)

Rogers reflects back Sylvia's concern that something within her is sabotaging her relationships and that she is following her mother's pattern. Rogers has found that good client-counselor relationships enable clients to take greater risks and explore more material.

Credits: The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 2 (00:37)

Credits: The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 2

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The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 2

Part of the Series : Pioneers of Counseling: In Their Own Words
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This program presents another interview with the same client as in The Inner World of Counselingl Part 1 and highlights Carl Rogers methodology and the client's feelings during the session.

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64347-533-2

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