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Breaking the Ice (03:56)


Male encounter group participants share guilt and anxiety in humorous ways. Carl Rogers discusses self-conscious comments characteristic of group beginnings; he tries to respond to expressions of personal feelings.

Group Therapy Environment (05:03)

Participants express uneasiness at the presence of other people and cameras. Rogers does not short-cut initial small talk; he prefers to let groups move into deeper areas at their own pace. He listens and responds to expressions of feeling.

Real Feelings Begin Emerging (03:09)

Participants examine emotions about the presence of other people and cameras. Rogers explains that this group has met before, and is more open than in an initial session.

Coping with Group Therapy Anxiety (04:36)

A female participant discusses her internal struggle between leaving the session and staying. She feels pressure to be open and share feelings among strangers. Rogers discusses risks involved in entering an encounter group.

Taking Risks in Group Therapy (07:11)

One participant asks another whether she is interested in him romantically. She tries to understand her feelings as she recalls their encounter during a lunch break. Rogers facilitates their exchange to help them express emotions openly.

Encounter Group Flirtations (04:20)

Male participants express their feelings about a female participant. They see her smile as an invitation but wonder whether she fears close relationships; she ponders this information. Rogers says this type of feedback rarely occurs in real life.

Encounter Group Feedback Protocol (01:53)

Rogers is willing to give members feedback, when he feels a positive or negative response towards them. Participants share their feelings about the focus being on one person.

Credits: Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 1 (00:38)

Credits: Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 1

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Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 1

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This program features a live demonstration of Carl Rogers leading an encounter group. It shows how the individuals work through the beginning stages of forming a group. Rogers discusses important factors in facilitating a group session, discusses the levels at which a group operates, and highlights the importance of honest communication between group members and facilitators.

Length: 32 minutes

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