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Creating Community (02:45)


Patty Duke, Marlee Matlin, James Earl Jones and others consider the definition of creativity and how it affects society. Jones read an excerpt from “A Tale of Two Cities.” James Parks Morton says communities should always be diverse; Dr. Dean Simonton asserts diversity is what causes creativity.

Nature's Creativity (05:23)

George Land talks about the cycles of life in the desert: intervention, improvement, and partnerships created by organisms.

Creating Cathedrals (03:46)

In the Middle Ages, medieval cathedrals became a place for residents and scholars to gather. This occurred in tandem with the creation of cities and the opening of trade routes.

Buying the Rainforest (07:08)

A group of school children work together with their teacher and community to write songs and raise money to create a reserve. Hear a story written by Helen Keller about appreciating the senses.

The Wisdom of the Lichen (09:03)

Lichen is an example of creativity in the environment due to the partnership between algae and fungus. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine provides social services to help people who are homeless, unemployed, or unschooled.

Automation for Social Change (08:10)

Anita Roddick, founder and CEO of Body Shop International, created a unique work environment and business structure. Product creators, typically indigenous villagers, hold the patents while her company buys inventory from them. The group has a charter which states they will not bring machinery or change local culture.

A Story About Creativity (09:38)

Ally Sheedy tells the story of American photographer Dorothea Lange and her photograph “Migrant Worker.” Dr. Gloria Rodriguez is an executive officer at Avance; her mission is to help inspire other Hispanic women to become good mothers and have successful careers.

Future of Creativity (07:16)

Presenters discuss what creativity and being in a community means. The United States is one of the world's most diverse nations which means it has the potential to be the most creative. The arts bring people together and allow them to understand other cultures and lifestyles.

Credits: The Creative Community (02:46)

Credits: The Creative Community

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The final program is about creativity as a way of caring for others…in the community and around the world…to bring out the best in all of us. Today's complex social and environmental problems demand creative solutions. Whether it's Swedish schoolchildren trying to save the rainforest or a Texas schoolteacher helping underprivileged mothers, creative approaches to difficult issues can and do make a difference.

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