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History of the Channel Islands (06:51)


The Chumash tribe once settled on the Channel Islands when they were an ecological paradise; after the European settlers coming to the continent, the land was subjected to modern agricultural practices for the first time. Todd Braje discusses how the natural world will never be restored to how it once was.

Effects of Ranching (05:55)

The Channel Islands were particularly ravaged by the cattle breeding done on the islands; the island’s unique vegetation was threatened with extinction, and the island of Santa Cruz required the most restoration. Marla Daily talks about how the sheep population on the islands became uncontrollable.

Protecting Island Marine Life (08:31)

Gary Davis describes the current status of the kelp forests and how much they have changed since he learned how to scuba dive there; the slow distinction of the brown pelicans was traced back to a misuse of chemical pesticides. DDT pesticides were manufactured in California, and the chemical companies irresponsibly dumped the waste into the ocean.

Saving the Island Fox (07:00)

The ocean pollution also led to bald eagles, the islands only apex predator, fleeing the region; during the absence of the bald eagles, golden eagles took their place and began slowly picking away at the island fox population. Biologist Tim Coonan discusses how these foxes are endemic to the islands.

Eradicating Feral Pigs (05:25)

Dr. Lotus Vermeer describes the conservation efforts involving the systematic eradication process of the small feral pigs which were not native to the islands population. The process included aerial, trapping, and ground hunting operations.

Reintroducing the Bald Eagles (05:53)

The feral pigs along with the horses, cows, and other species were considered to be the culprits for the uprooting of the native plant life; the national parks service eradicate ants, cats, goats, and rats from the islands. Biologist Dr. Peter Sharpe discusses the reintroduction of the bald eagles.

Future of the Islands (05:49)

Lotus claims the accomplishments of the National Parks Service have been a great success for the environment of the Channel Islands; the first natural birth of a bald eagle happened on the islands in 2006. Marine life is now thriving again around the islands.

Credits: Restoring Paradise (05:23)

Credits: Restoring Paradise

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After centuries of intense exploitation, the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the islands had been devastated. To bring back the paradise once lost, a massive restoration plan was designed. But it is subject to many controversies.

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