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Kangaroo (11:24)


In 1891, a fight between Jack the Fighting Kangaroo and Prof. Lendermann drew large crowds. Kangaroos baffled Europeans when they were first discovered. Their body structure makes them skilled fighters; their kicks can break bones and rip open stomachs.

Siamese Fighting Fish (08:58)

Male Siamese fighting fish are aggressive and will fight for hours in confined spaces. They were bred for their fighting ability and vibrant colors. Siamese fighting fish have limited mating places in the wild.

Credits: Ferocious Fighters (00:36)

Credits: Ferocious Fighters

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Ferocious Fighters

Part of the Series : Attenborough's Natural Curiosities, Series 4
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The Siamese fighting fish is so aggressive it will fight its own reflection until it is exhausted. Recent research shows that the fighting behavior varies and depends on the personality of the fish! Male kangaroos were once pitted against humans in the boxing ring. The most impressive male kangaroos are solid blocks of muscle with a kick that can kill. Why do they fight, and what skills must a winner have?

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