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Pizzly Bears (10:10)


Pizzly bears are the result of interbreeding between polar bears and grizzly bears; the first pizzly was born in a German zoo in 1876. Polar bears and grizzlies are closely related but live in different habitats; climate change increases the likelihood of the bears meeting in the wild. Scientists studied pizzlies at the Osnabrück Zoo.

Killer Bees (10:31)

In the 1960s, the usually harmless European honey bees began attacking in swarms. The problem arose from a Brazilian scientist mating honey bees with aggressive African bees to stimulate honey production. The bees were established in colonies but accidentally released into the wild.

Credits: Animal Frankensteins (00:32)

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Hybrids can be bizarre and they can be deadly. We look at two hybrid animals that owe their existence to human interference: the pizzly bear (a cross between a polar bear and grizzly bear), which has come into being because of global warming, and the killer bee, brought into existence because of the transfer of African bees to South America.

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