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Altai Mountains (04:13)


Matthew Carney's team ventures into North Western Mongolia to meet Berken Imekbie, an eagle hunter. They are welcomed with a Besbarmaq, a traditional meal of sheep's head and horse meat.

Human-Bird Bonding (02:13)

Berken can identify ten generations of eagle hunters in his family. They take golden eagles from the nest and raise them as their own. He will release a female to the wild after a few years.

Eagle Hunter in Training (02:17)

The practice was once a necessity for survival; now it attracts tourists. Berken teaches his son Buck to land an eagle on his arm.

Kazakh Culture (03:03)

Eagle hunters survived Soviet rule in the Altai Mountains. The nomads move their herds with the seasons. Berken hopes Buck will follow in the family tradition, but understands the lure of modern city life.

Birds of Prey (05:13)

Buck practices stealing a baby eagle from a nest; only females hunt. Berken describes his passion for going on hunts lasting for days. Two eagles catch a fox and are rewarded with legs and organs.

Challenging Traditional Gender Roles (02:01)

Kabul Kuk, age 75, has hunted for 50 years. He says the younger generation lacks the passion of their fathers. However, young women are interested in becoming hunters—inspired by Aishol-pan of the documentary "The Eagle Huntress."

An Eagle Huntress in Training (05:00)

Akbota, age 14, is challenging traditional gender roles. Under her father's tutelage, she practices calling and landing an eagle on her arm. Her older brothers have migrated to the city for work; she is the last child who can learn the art.

Female Empowerment (01:48)

Akbota wants to be a teacher or journalist as well as an eagle huntress, and is inspiring her high school classmates to pursue careers. Her mother and teacher Takhau Oser approves of opportunities for girls outside domesticity.

Climate Change (02:35)

Berken is concerned by the effect of milder winters on eagle hunting. He shows Buck how to build an eaglet trap. Buck believes future generations will uphold the tradition.

Credits: The Last Eagle Hunters (00:17)

Credits: The Last Eagle Hunters

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A spectacular journey into the wilds of Mongolia in search of an ancient, imperilled tradition – the Kazakh golden eagle hunters.

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