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Saving the Oceans (04:31)


Australian environmentalists launch a Seabin prototype in Palma de Mallorca. Surfer Pete Ceglinski left a lucrative job at a racing yacht company to address marine pollution.

Seabin Project Technology (03:44)

Ceglinski explains how his prototype collects plastic floating in ports and marinas. Marine scientist Sergio Ruiz Halpern and operations manager Sascha Chapman discuss their decision to work with the startup.

Startup Challenges (03:23)

Ceglinski used his personal savings and launched a crowd funding campaign to raise cash for the Seabin Project. One year later, the V5 Hybrid model emerged. The team prepares to present it to financial backers in France.

Beach Cleanup (04:49)

Halpern and Chapman organize a community event to raise awareness about marine pollution and promote the Seabin Project. Ceglinski will also use data collected to improve on product design.

Project Deadline (04:20)

Ceglinski uses a 3D modeling program and welding tools to produce a bracket for Seabin installation; he has two days to perfect the product before presenting it to financial backers. After last minute modifications, the bracket works.

Strong Ideals (02:25)

The Seabin team makes last minute preparations before leaving for France. A power outage threatens to derail their schedule. Ceglinski declined financial backing offers from polluting industrial companies.

Product Success (04:19)

The Seabin team presents the V5 Hybrid model to financial partners at the La Grande-Motte Marina. It works and commercial production and sales can begin. Ceglinski hopes to spread his invention to ports throughout the world.

Credits: Saving the Big Blue (00:32)

Credits: Saving the Big Blue

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A band of inspired young Australians are deploying a new weapon against a global scourge—the great gobs of plastic polluting our oceans. Europe Correspondent Lisa Millar tells how they’re doing it.

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