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Undercover Reporting in Venezuela (02:23)


Isla Margarita is one of few resorts still patronized by foreign tourists. Journalist Eric Campbell and producer Matt Davis will use small cameras to document social issues—risking arrest. Campbell exchanges $400 for over one million bolivars.

Caracas (02:54)

Campbell and Davis fly to Venezuela's capital of five million. Gasoline is still cheap but residents must queue for hours for weekly food and medicine rations. One man calls for a system change.

Hugo Chavez Regime (02:39)

Elected in 1998, Venezuela's charismatic leader gave money to the poor and nationalized private companies. He destroyed the market economy; Venezuela became dependent on oil. Margarita Lopez Maya discusses the industry's mismanagement and decline.

Antimano District (04:10)

Campbell and Davis visit a Caracas shantytown; the poorest people live on hilltops. Leon Guerrero can barely feed his family operating a motorcycle taxi. Residents no longer support Maduro but remain loyal to Chavez's revolutionary vision.

Middle Class Opposition (04:18)

Despite its problems, poor Venezuelans prefer Maduro's regime to a conservative government. Maduro tries to crush parties like Vente; politician Maria Corina Machado has been accused of an assassination plot but government supporters have tried to kill her.

A Poor and Equal Society (04:35)

Venezuela's economy shrank more than 10% in a year, prices rose by 800%, and crime has skyrocketed. Campbell and Davis meet a criminal gang leader who says business is good. Critics say Maduro's regime traffics drugs to raise money.

Brain Drain (01:46)

Performing at the Caracas Tattoo Expo, Public Disorder sings about millions of young people who have fled violence and poverty in Venezuela.

Resisting Maduro's Regime (03:50)

Opposition parties stage demonstrations in Caracas; they fear Maduro will ban candidates outright. Former mayor Antonio Ledezma is under house arrest. Maya compares U.S. and Venezuelan populist movements. Campbell and Davis smuggle their footage to the U.S.

Credits: Venezuela Undercover (00:18)

Credits: Venezuela Undercover

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It's got more oil than any country on the planet but its people eat garbage and gangsters rule. Defying a media ban, Eric Campbell goes undercover in the onetime socialist idyll of Venezuela.

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