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The Science of Teens: Introduction (02:21)


Teenagers live in a highly sexualized world where they are more sexually adventurous, have sex earlier, and have more sexual partners. A study will be conducted with four teenagers in different stages of their lives.

Beginning of Puberty (03:13)

Kate Steinbeck explains that puberty begins in the hypothalamus; the brain is the body's primary reproductive organ. Scientists believe better nutrition causes young women to mature earlier and more rapidly.

Reaching Sexual Maturity (01:53)

Puberty is an evolutionary process that switches on the sexuality of adolescents. Dr. Melissa Kang describes safe ways for young people to explore and understand their sexuality.

What About Human Pairing? (03:55)

The limbic system develops early while the frontal lobe, which regulates emotions, develops much later. Testosterone stimulates sexual desire and ignites a fire in the limbic system.

Romance's Chemistry (04:56)

Liam and Nikki are in the throes of high school romance. Dopamine causes romantic feelings and norepinephrine causes the body's physical response to romance. If the chemical serotonin is absent, romance becomes an obsession.

Risky Sexual Exploration (04:55)

Teen sex and risky behavior go together; technology has added a new dimension to sexual risk taking. In Australia, almost 40% of young women reported incidents of unwanted sex.

Bettering Sexual Education (03:15)

Education leads to lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Calvin learns his test results were negative for chlamydia.

Credits: Whatever! The Science of Teens: Sex (00:59)

Credits: Whatever! The Science of Teens: Sex

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In this episode of Whatever! The Science of Teens, host Steve Cannane goes under the covers to explore the science of teen sex. Teenagers are tackling their emerging sexuality prodded by biology, powerful peer group expectations, and mixed messages from the adult generation. In our highly sexualized culture, teens are rewriting the rules of sex, and while their bodies suddenly become adult, they’re not necessarily in sync with their chief sex organ: the teen brain.

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