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Sean Clifton's Crimes (06:28)


Clifton is the perpetrator in the attempted murder of Julie Bouvier. Clifton is treated in Brockville Mental Health Center for paranoid schizophrenia and a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Forgiving Clifton (04:35)

When Nicole Rogers and John Kastner completed the first film about Clifton, the Bouviers became sympathetic to his illnesses. Though Julie was still unable to meet Clifton, she forgave him through the use of the Canadian media.

Clifton's Secret Son (05:42)

Clifton placed his son up for adoption at the age of fifteen. He did not meet Jon McMahon until he was conditionally released from the forensic psychiatric ward. McMahon reads the first letter he wrote Clifton.

Julie Bouvier's Media Forgiveness (05:51)

Julie continued helping Clifton through media interviews and appearances. McMahon is involved in his birth father’s struggle for better mental health and quality of life.

Clifton's Mental Progress (09:57)

Clifton is unconditionally discharged from the psychiatric hospital and no longer legally obligated to take medications; he continues his medication for the safety of the public. Julie must decide if she wants to meet Clifton at Roger's and McMahon's wedding.

Julie Meets Clifton (06:53)

Julie is overcome with anxiety at the thought of meeting her attempted murderer. Clifton apologizes to Julie, but even on the wedding day cannot escape his mental illness long enough to celebrate his son’s marriage.

McMahon's Wedding (03:01)

Clifton says the only reason the wedding occurred was because he attempted to murder Julie. He regrets his psychotic attack and believes they would all live better lives if he had not committed the crime.

Credits: Not Criminally Responsible (00:36)

Credits: Not Criminally Responsible

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It was a wedding born of a terrible act of violence. In 1999 Sean Clifton, in a psychotic frenzy, tried to stab to death a complete stranger, “the prettiest girl he’d seen,” at a mall in Cornwall Ontario. Most of those involved in the violence have been invited to the wedding. For some the wounds have never healed. Can they set aside their anger and fears for the occasion? This extraordinary gathering—and the dark secrets beneath the revelry—are among the remarkable events depicted in this film by 4-time Emmy-winner John Kastner, sequel to his acclaimed 2013 documentary NCR: Not Criminally Responsible.

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