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Wedding from Violence (00:00)


Sean Clifton, a paranoid schizophrenic, stabbed a woman in front of Wal-Mart because she was "the prettiest girl on earth." Police apprehended him while he seemed to be in a trance after the event. The psychologist decided that he did not have adequate mens rea and he was sent to Brockville Mental Health Center. (Credits)

The Victim Speaks (03:25)

Julie Bouvier needed two different surgeries after being stabbed six times and credits her family for her recovery. Doctors diagnosed Clifton with Paranoid Schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A dramatic change occurred after his anti-psychotic medication began to work; the Bouviers did not want him to leave the hospital.

Clifton Is Released (04:40)

Nurses from Brockville Mental Health Center explain that their job is to rehabilitate patients and return them to the community. The Bouviers were shocked that he was given freedom. After the film was shown to the victim's family, they grew empathy for Clifton.

Forgiveness for Clifton (04:49)

The Bouviers decided to publicly help Clifton and Julie revealed her identity, but could not bring herself to meet her assailant. Before he became ill, Clifton impregnated his girlfriend; the pair decided to give the baby up for adoption. Jon McMann did not want to meet his biological father, but they had exchanged emails.

Watching the Film (02:51)

McMann felt inspired after the Bouviers met with Clifton and wrote the production office. Clifton worries that McMann did not want to have a relationship with him.

Julie Decides to Meet Clifton (03:03)

The Bouviers want Julie to meet Clifton so she can put the stabbing behind her. Carol De Delley is horrified her attacker, Vincent Li, is now free. Clifton describes what people say to him after the screening.

McMann and Clifton Meet (05:28)

Clifton recalls the first meeting being awkward but the father and son gradually got to know each other. When McMann realized that Julie had not met Clifton in person, he met and became close with the Bouvier family. Nicole Rodgers, the associate producer of the film, fell in love with McMann.

Clifton's Improving (03:43)

Clifton has been discharged from the hospital and is under no obligation to take his medication. McMann and Rodgers knew they would marry very quickly. Clifton finds solace in that something positive came from his stabbing Julie.

Joining a Family with Mental Illness (03:51)

Janet Cooper explains that it would take two weeks for his medication to wear off. McMann and Rodgers decided to not allow the stigma of mental illness to stop them from having children or continuing a relationship with Clifton. The Bouviers receive an invitation for the wedding.

Great Father/Son Relationship (05:23)

Clifton decides to tell McMann that he loves him at the wedding. Andy and Noella have met Clifton four times; Julie agrees to meet him prior to the wedding. Clifton is extremely nervous.

The Bouviers Arrive (03:03)

Clifton apologizes to Julie, who reiterates that she knows he was not in his right mind. Clifton tried to get help prior to the stabbing, but the hospital did not take his claims seriously. Noella tells Clifton he needs to forgive himself for stabbing Julie today.

Wedding Day (06:02)

Rodgers and McMann marry. Clifton struggles with his mental illness during the ceremony. He remembers the stabbing and cannot forgive himself.

Credits: Not Criminally Responsible: Wedding Secrets (01:12)

Credits: Not Criminally Responsible: Wedding Secrets

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It was a wedding born of a terrible act of violence. In 1999, Sean Clifton, in a psychotic frenzy, tried to stab to death a complete stranger, “the prettiest girl he’d seen”, at a mall in Cornwall Ontario. Most of those involved in the violence have been invited to the wedding. For some the wounds have never healed. Can they set aside their anger and fears for the occasion? This extraordinary gathering—and the dark secrets beneath the revelry—are among the remarkable events depicted in this film by four-time Emmy-winner John Kastner, sequel to his acclaimed 2013 documentary NCR: Not Criminally Responsible.

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