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Environmental Consultant: Main Duties and Responsibilities (01:16)


Michele Adams studied civil engineering, specializing in water resources and hydrology. She chose Melior Design as the name of her firm because in Latin it means "to do better." The corporation provides technical advice on how to become more sustainable.

Environmental Consultant: Career Beginnings (01:16)

Adams career stemmed from an interest in science and the environment. After a large corporation bought the small firm she worked for, Adams decided to start her own consulting business.

Environmental Consultant: Keys for Success (01:16)

Understand your client's individual needs and interests. This occupation requires patience. Adams frequently reads technical journals on the weekends and evenings to learn recent innovations in engineering.

Environmental Consultant: Education and Certification Requirements (02:24)

Engineers must take continuing education classes and submit proof to the state board to maintain their license. Adams prefers to accumulate credits by teaching classes. Technical journals, professional colleagues, and keeping active in the U.S. Green Building Council help Adams stay abreast of recent innovations in the field.

Environmental Consultant: Workplace Atmosphere (01:33)

Melior Design does not accept projects where employees need to travel great distances; it is located in a re-purposed Methodist church. The office is an open floor plan; bookshelves and desks delineate private work areas. Adams emphasizes that the office expects professionalism and everyone must complete assigned work.

Environmental Consultant: Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:41)

Supervisors appreciate employees who make their lives easier. Adams advocates a strong basis in math and science, and recommends students study a specific skill set rather than pursue a general environmental degree.

Environmental Consultant: A Day on the Job (03:59)

Adams explains the proposal, planning, and construction stages of a project. Environmental consultants work with several teams internally and externally to help clients achieve their goals. Melior Design works on as many as 50 projects in a week.

Environmental Consultant: Industry Goals and Services (02:00)

Adams describes how goals vary depending on the client. Recently, a zoo hired the firm to reduce the amount of potable water used in their penguin exhibits. Organizations ask her to analyze bills in legislature for benefits and drawbacks.

Environmental Consultant: Industry Challenges (01:06)

Balancing the needs of a client with the budget and goals can be difficult. Make proposals practical, realistic, and able to be maintained. Try to discover a solution that gives a client multiple benefits.

Environmental Consultant: Looking at the Future (01:48)

Adams believes climate change will be challenging. A career in consulting with an emphasis in civil engineering or science has great longevity. She feels satisfaction when looking at the completion of a project.

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