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Mommy Dead and Dearest: Introduction (02:03)


A Waukesha Sheriff questions Gypsy Rose Blanchard about the murder of her mother. She insists she is innocent. (Credits)

Hurricane Katrina Survivors (02:18)

Gypsy sings at a benefit for Relay for Life. The Greene County Sheriff's Department discovered Dee Dee Blanchard stabbed to death in her home. Community members discussed the extensive care Gypsy required.

Facebook Post (02:03)

Jim Arnott reads the post that Gypsy placed on Facebook proclaiming Dee Dee's death. Nicholas Godejohn confessed to the stabbing. In a press release, the Greene County Sheriff's Department announced that Gypsy could walk.

Gypsy's Arraignment (02:57)

Neighbors and community members express their outrage at watching Gypsy walk into the courtroom unaided. Dan Patterson presents the evidence against Gypsy at a preliminary hearing.

Cycle of Abuse (03:04)

Rod Blanchard defends his daughter and expresses his outrage that she is healthy. Mike Stanfield explains that Dee Dee abused Gypsy from infancy.

Unnecessary Operations (02:57)

Kristy and Rod Blanchard look at photographs of Gypsy after her many surgeries and procedures. Stanfield explains how Dee Dee tried to keep Gypsy young.

Mother and Daughter Relationship (03:33)

Erin Lee Carr interviews Gypsy who describes her mother as 'overprotective.' Dee Dee gave doctors an extensive list of her diagnoses, including epilepsy, retardation, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, and asthma.

Intentionally Making Gypsy Sick (04:05)

According to medical records, Dee Dee sent her daughter to over a hundred hospitals in nine years. Gypsy knew she could walk, but believed her diagnosis were valid. Dr. Marc Feldman explains Munchausen by Proxy.

Doctor Catches on to Dee Dee (03:02)

Dr. Bernando Flasterstein thought Gypsy possessed too much muscle mass in her lower extremities to be paraplegic. In a medical record, the neurologist suspected Munchausen by Proxy.

Dee Dee's History (06:39)

Family members describe Dee Dee's criminal past. Dee Dee became pregnant when Rod was seventeen; they married. Laura and Claude Pitre recall how Dee Dee put Round-up into Laura's food.

Fairy Tale Nightmare (04:56)

Prosecutors decide not to seek the death penalty; Patterson explains his decision. Gypsy Rose compares her life to Rapunzel's. Experts discuss how Dee Dee controlled her daughter.

Cueing Gypsy (02:45)

Dee Dee would squeeze her daughter's hand whenever she wanted her to say something. Gypsy describes the physical and mental abuse she endured and running away to Arkansas.

Dee Dee's Manipulation (02:54)

Dee Dee convinced a lawyer to declare her daughter incompetent. Gypsy and advocates describe how the police, friends, and family could not help. After Rod began to suspect that Gypsy could walk, Dee Dee moved further away.

Christian Dating Website (03:52)

Doctors diagnosed Godejohn with Asperger's Syndrome. Gypsy describes the beginning of their relationship and foray into BDSM. Authorities previously arrested Godejohn for watching porn at McDonald's.

Online Role Play (02:50)

During interrogation, Godejohn explains he suffers from bipolar disorder. Gypsy made up personas to match his personalities. About a year into their relationship, they start talking about killing Dee Dee.

"Plan B" (05:14)

Dee Dee despised Godejohn when they met at a movie theater. Gypsy describes the murder of her mother.

Rape? (03:28)

Godejohn confesses that he wanted to rape Dee Dee, but did not. Gypsy believes Godejohn forced her to have intercourse.

Headed Back to Wisconsin (02:36)

Gyspy felt free; she and Godejohn traveled to Big Bend. Gypsy mailed $4,000 and the murder weapon to Godejohn's mother's home.

Facebook Posts (03:20)

Experts and family members describe their reaction and how Gypsy learned to manipulate people. Stephanie Goldhammer explains that her son was madly in love.

Unable to Tell Right from Wrong (04:10)

While in Wisconsin, Gypsy called Kristy and proclaimed her innocence. Rod explains how the duo was caught red-handed. Experts and family members discuss Gypsy's mental state.

Guilty Plea (02:35)

Gypsy wishes she had reached out to her father. Family members blame Dee Dee for the murder.

Jail Sentence (03:37)

Patterson explains that the plea deal is fair because of mitigating circumstances. Stanfield gives a press conference. Gypsy thinks that jail is better than time with Dee Dee.

First Visit with Gypsy (05:35)

Rod and Kristy visit Gypsy for the first time. Gypsy explains that Rod did nothing wrong, and blames herself for the murder. Godejohn will stand trial in 2017; Gypsy will be eligible for parole in 2024.

Credits: Mommy Dead and Dearest (01:15)

Credits: Mommy Dead and Dearest

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Provocative documentarian Erin Lee Carr (Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop) returns to HBO to explore another twisted true-crime story in the age of social media. Things are not always as they appear, especially in the case of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, and what starts out as a grisly tale of matricide morphs into a rabbit hole of deception and abuse. As we learn, Dee Dee and her wheelchair-bound daughter, Gypsy Rose, were beloved residents of Springfield, MO, but the tight-knit community was rocked when Dee Dee was found murdered in her home, with Gypsy reported missing. After investigators tracked a graphic Facebook status post stating “That Bitch is Dead” to Wisconsin, a disturbing sequence of events ensued in which Gypsy Rose was implicated in her mother’s murder – and it was discovered that Gypsy Rose had been the victim of her mother’s abuse via Munchausen by proxy syndrome since early childhood. Featuring exclusive interviews with Gypsy Rose, Mommy Dead and Dearest unravels a tangled web of lies, child abuse, mental illness and forbidden love. It’s a real-life mystery about a mother and daughter who everybody thought were living a fairy-tale life, but who turned out to be sharing a living nightmare.

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