Segments in this Video

Introduction: Yellowstone (04:11)


Yellowstone is the nation's first National Park. See footage of wolves pursuing bison in the snow. See footage of the geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone, including Old Faithful. Bison are foraging in the snow.

Surviving the Snows (04:36)

Gray wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995, and have made a strong comeback. See footage of wolves pursuing a bull elk through deep snow. A female wolf kills an elk calf.

Spring Approaches (04:05)

See footage of a cold weather phenomenon called diamond dust. Grizzlies compete over carrion after waking from hibernation. Hear facts about grizzly hibernation and competition.

Spring in Earnest (04:21)

See footage of nesting cliff swallows on Soda Butte. A wolf pack chases a bison mother moments after she gives birth. See footage of a birth.

Feeding the Family (06:09)

A cougar and her young kittens feed on an elk carcass. See footage of a bison herd in the park. Scavenging wolves are driven off a carcass by a family of grizzlies.

Swept Away (08:21)

Hear facts about bison residency in Yellowstone Park. See footage of a bison herd fording the Lamar River. A bison calf is swept down the river and fights off a young wolf.

Summer in Yellowstone (03:59)

Rivers otters fish in the streams of Yellowstone. See footage of cliff swallows feeding their chicks. Hear facts about the geology of Yellowstone and the super volcano that lies under the park.

Late Summer (02:44)

See footage of the growing bison calves and the herd. Grizzly bears swim in a lake. Hear facts about the Grand Prismatic Spring.

The Rut (05:41)

Witness the pandemonium of the yearly migration of bison to the rut. Male bison compete in jousts to determine who gets to breed. See footage of the elk rut during the autumn. (Credits)

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Filmed over three years, this special offers an extraordinary look at America’s first national park — Yellowstone.

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