Segments in this Video

Healthy Relationships With Food (01:22)


Helping babies develop a good relationship with food leads to a lifetime of good eating habits. Mothers learn to respond to babies' hunger cues and respect babies' appetites. "Mealtime reminders" offer key points about feeding babies.

Introduction of Solid Foods Into Baby's Diet (03:57)

Parents should eat healthy foods, and should introduce them to their babies around 6 months of age. Babies determine what foods they like and dislike. Parents learn signs that indicate a baby is ready for solid foods.

Importance of Cereals in a Baby's Diet (03:14)

Cereal is often a baby's first solid food because it is easy to digest and fortified with iron. This segment provides tips on preparing and heating cereal for babies from 4 to 6 months of age.

Feeding Solid Food to Babies: Precautions (01:46)

Parents learn what to do when babies refuse to eat, and they learn common mistakes that may encourage bad eating habits in their infants. Cereals with wheat and/or fruit should be avoided.

Introduction of Vegetables Into Baby's Diet (03:37)

Parents learn the order of introducing solid foods into their baby's diet. After cereals, babies may begin eating pureed vegetables, and then fruits. Preparation, freezing, and cooking instructions are included in this segment.

Introduction of Fruits and Protein Into Baby's Diet (05:31)

Parents learn how to prepare, puree, and freeze fruit for baby's diet. By 8 months, babies may eat scrambled tofu, and by 9 months, poached fresh fish. (Recipes included.)

Introduction of Protein Into Baby's Diet (04:12)

Egg yolks, but not whites, can be introduced into baby's diet at 9 months. Parents learn how to prepare meat for pureeing. Parents learn about introducing milk and other dairy products into a baby's diet. (Recipe included.)

Introduction of Carbohydrates Into Baby's Diet (02:52)

Parents may introduce pasta into their baby's diet at 10 months. Film hosts demonstrate how to make pasta and sauce for baby.

Allergic Reactions to Foods (03:23)

Parents should avoid introducing juice or honey into a baby's diet before 1 year of age. This segment covers foods that cause allergies and allergy symptoms, and treatment for allergic reactions.

Choking Hazards for Baby (01:06)

A physician describes foods that are choking hazards. He warns parents that propping up baby bottles instead of holding them can cause choking.

Vegetarian Diet, and Obesity in Children (02:33)

In baby's first year of life when he or she requires a protein-rich diet, a vegetarian diet may be inadequate. Overfeeding babies often sets them up for weight problems as they grow older.

Baby's First Year of Life: Bowel Development (01:45)

After the introduction of solid foods, baby's bowels become firmer, and some babies might experience constipation. Diarrhea and gastroenteritis are common in baby's first year of life. This segment includes treatment for these conditions.

Baby's Dental Hygiene and Iron Deficiency (02:26)

Parents learn tips for prevention of dental caries in babies. Babies need iron-rich foods after six months of age. Lack of iron--the cause of anemia-- is a common nutritional deficiency in babies under 2 years old.

Food Cautions and Recommendations for Babies (04:23)

Salt should not be added to a baby's diet, and parents must avoid feeding babies foods high in hydrogenated fats. After eating all the food groups, a baby can what the rest of the family eats. A recipe for healthy carrot cake is included.

Healthy Treats for Babies (02:37)

As film hosts prepare recipes for babies who are 11 months old, they warn against introducing sugar into a baby's diet. They cut naturally sweet foods such as watermelon into fancy shapes that appeal to babies, and prepare fruit smoothies.

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Help new parents set in motion a lifetime of healthy eating habits—starting with their baby’s first bite! This program identifies the best diet choices for growing babies and the best ways to get them started on solid food. Nutrition and medical experts give detailed advice on more than 80 topics, including allergies, vitamins, hunger cues, food dislikes, and preventing obesity. Menu-planning pointers, taste-tested homemade recipes, and step-by-step cooking, pureeing, and freezing demonstrations start parents and babies on the right track to smart eating. Yummy in My Tummy serves up state-of-the-art meal preparation methods—garnished with sage advice and a side order of handy tips! (49 minutes)

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NAPPA Gold Award, 2006


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“The producers of this well-designed DVD offer parents nutrition advice that is easy to understand. There are simple recipes as well as a no nonsense approach to discussing this important topic with the audience. Our testers were eager to rush home and start using the lessons they learned.” —The National Parenting Center


“The advice is right on the money and in line with current position statements and practices of the American Academy of Pediatrics…. Solid nutrition information from well-known dietician Louise Lambert-Lagace is matched with advice from a pediatrician and moms sharing ideas and feeding tips, which are demonstrated by absolutely adorable babies. It's easy to watch and refer to over and over again.” —

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