Segments in this Video

History of Crenshaw Boulevard (01:16)


Crenshaw Boulevard started as a small road in Los Angeles in the early 1900's; today it represents the rich diversity of the city. The history and development of Crenshaw Boulevard are explored.

The American Dream (04:30)

The proprietor of a Crenshaw Boulevard car wash business describes coming to the United States and shares his beliefs about chasing the American dream.

History of the Crenshaw District (01:58)

Crenshaw Boulevard forms the western boundary of South Los Angeles. The history of the Crenshaw District since the 1920s is examined.

Leimert Park: Our Place (07:33)

Businesses, proprietors, and residents of the Leimert Park community are featured.

Success Amid Adversity (07:01)

Crenshaw Boulevard represents the rich diversity of cultures and dreams which make up the city of Los Angeles. A young man whose father was murdered in the 1980s finds support from his community and earns a college football scholarship.

Unity Within Diversity (08:24)

The organization ONE LA unites leaders from diverse community groups to oppose gangs and promote positive social change.

Hollywood Park Race Track (07:21)

An immigrant from Panama finds success as a waiter at the Hollywood Park race track and his son becomes a successful jockey.

Undocumented Workers: Lucia and Victor (08:13)

Roadside vendors sell a variety of goods at intersections along Crenshaw; two undocumented Mexican workers are featured.

Nisei and Issei of Crenshaw Boulevard (05:15)

Japanese-Americans have a long history in the Crenshaw district; a young Japanese-American woman is profiled.

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Immigration, racial identity, education, economic development—all of these issues converge on Crenshaw Boulevard, the 23-mile urban artery running through South Los Angeles. This program travels the storied roadway from disadvantaged South Central to the mansions of Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific. Viewers meet many of the residents and entrepreneurs who breathe life into Crenshaw—including Laura Hendrix, owner of an African-American-themed art gallery; Father David O’Connell, co-chair of the anti-gang activist group One L.A.; and Freddy Fong Sr., who left Noriega’s Panama to raise his children in the land of opportunity. Bonus material (DVD only) features additional commentary. (55 minutes + 8 minutes of bonus material)

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