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Mudras: Hand Gestures of Sanskrit Drama (02:46)


Mudras are a symbolic gesture in Sanskrit plays that eliminate the need for props or scenery. Page numbers on the screen will reference "Staging a Sanskrit Classic: Bhasa's Vision of Vasavadatta" by Mrinalini Sarabhai and John Mitchell. Sarabhai founded Darpana, in Ahmedabad, India and will demonstrate the hand gestures. (Credits)

"Vision of Vasavadatta": First Verse (05:03)

Shashidharan Nayan demonstrates the mudras of the first few verses of the Sanskrit drama. The chamberlain tells the visitors that the princess wants to bequeath them a gift.

"Vision of Vasavadatta": King Stands Up (02:48)

Nayan demonstrates the mudras for a verse of the Sanskrit drama. Mallika Sarabhai performs the mudras for locating the Padmavati.

"Vision of Vasavadatta": Lamenting to the Gods (03:11)

The princess wishes to marry King Udayana. Padmavati has fallen ill. Sarabhai performs the mudras for this portion of text; Nayan sings

Sanskrit Drama: Mudra Demonstration (04:54)

Two types of mudras exist in Sanskrit drama: asamyukta hastas and samyukta mudras. Nayan and Sarabhai demonstrate single hand gestures. The hands and eye movements work collaboratively with the whole body in dance.

Sanskrit Drama: Stances (05:16)

Girls stand with feet crossed or keep their head bent in a shy way. Sarabhai demonstrates how different characters walk while incorporating mudras. When entering a house, the mudra includes going over a step and the pataaka.

Sanskrit Drama: Movement (04:33)

Sarabhai demonstrates different mudras used in Sanskrit dance. When speaking of the king, dancers take a step back to show strength. Sarabhai's book and the IASTA production of "Visions of Vasavadatta" are available.

Credits: Mudras: Hand Gestures of Sanskrit Drama (00:37)

Credits: Mudras: Hand Gestures of Sanskrit Drama

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Mudras: Hand Gestures of Sanskrit Drama

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Three Indian actor-dancers demonstrate the stylized gestures of classical Sanskrit drama using examples from the play Vision of Vasavadatta.

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