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2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss: Introduction (03:30)


Stephen Paul speaks about the objectives and format of this talk featuring multiple speakers. Paul explains the idea of a medical pearl.

Case Study 1: Odynophagia after a Football Collision (03:30)

Brian Daniels presents a case of a high school football player who develops odynophagia after being struck in the neck. Daniels goes over treatment and return to play criteria for the injury.

Case Study 2: Professional Skateboarder (07:58)

Chuck Peterson presents the case of a skateboarder with hypothenar hammer syndrome. Hear about the MSKUS diagnosis and how this type of injury presents.

Case Study 3: Swimmer w/ Scapular Winging (07:56)

Katherine Dec presents a case of facioscapulohumeral dystrophy diagnosed in an adolescent swimmer. Dec goes over methods of diagnosis and warning signs of this type of muscular dystrophy. Treatment methods are also discussed.

Case Study 3: Q/A Session (04:16)

Dec fields questions from the audience regarding her case study and appropriate levels of exertion for athletes with this diagnosis.

Case Study 4: Atypical Heat Streak (08:19)

Louis Rodriguez presents a case of a college football player exhibiting atypical heat stroke. Rodriguez covers the medical history, diagnostic measures and treatment of the patient.

Case Study 5: Head Injury in Sport (05:46)

Irfan Asif presents a case of traumatic brain injury sustained during a football tackle. The TBI was diagnosed using MRI, which spotted microhemorrhages in the brain.

Case Study 6: Brodie's Abscess (05:16)

James Hahn presents a case of an ankle sprain leading to the discovery of a Brodie's abscess. Hahn discusses the diagnostic measures that led to the finding of the abscess.

Case Study 7: Football Player Seizure (04:49)

Stephen Yip presents a case involving a football player having a seizure during his sleep. Yip's diagnosis was a cortically based mass in the brain which was caused by a parasitic infection.

Case Study 8: Posterior SCJ Dislocation (05:40)

Morteza Khodaee presents a case involving a patient who dislocated the posterior SCJ while boating. Khodaee discusses the utility of using ultrasound in assessing the integrity of the chest wall.

Closing Remarks and Credits: 2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss (01:04)

Closing Remarks and Credits: 2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss

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This video seminar presents eight self-contained tidbits that are clinically relevant to rehabilitation professionals and applicable to other patient situations. It discusses odynophagia after football injury, a skateboarder with wrist pain, atypical winging scapula in a swimmer, atypical heat stroke, advanced imaging for head injury in sport, Brodie's abscess diagnosed after ankle injury, a teenage football player with a seizure, and the use of ultrasound for assessing the chest wall.

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