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Financial Struggles (03:42)


Emilia Stancati's weekly income averages $300; she relies on credit cards to help pay bills. She works full time, weekends, and holidays. The owner of the restaurant where Stancati works hopes the minimum wage law does not go into effect.

Wage Strikes (03:28)

See news footage of protestors marching for increased minimum wage; De'Juan (D.J.) Jackson feels watched at Walgreens. Approximately 43% of low-wage earners who complained, reported retaliation. Takita Akins and D.J. spend their day off together.

Wedding Expenses (04:41)

Elizabeth Bonta, Jose Merino, and Jose's son live with their parents on a part time basis. The couple tries to pay for expenses without using money saved for a home purchase; Jose is unhappy about the cost of rings.

Working for Better Opportunities (04:50)

Hilton Kennedy III works a combined 80 plus hours a week at Sweet Tomatoes and Google. Alfred Alves discusses promoting Kennedy to manager despite English struggles. Kennedy and his pregnant girlfriend live in a garage in a trailer park; she misses Tijuana, Mexico.

Job Search (05:06)

On her day off, Stancati examines other potential places of employment. She states that in the restaurant industry in Illinois, minimum wage is less than $5.00 an hour. See examples of minimum and median pay. Emilia's friend teaches her to sell insurance.

Family Support (03:31)

Akins is the senior beauty adviser at Walgreens. She and Jackson gather at her father's house for Sunday dinner. Akins discusses her family life and the importance of her father.

Employment Options (04:06)

Jackson continues to look for a different job; joining the military is an option. Akins and Jackson's mother do not want him to join the Army. Jackson watches Akins to make sure she gets to the bus stop safely.

Financial Obligations (04:04)

Merino describes his daily schedule; Bonta has a 60 minute commute to work. Bonta helps financially support her parents. Bonta and Merino discuss finances for their wedding.

Self-Improvement (02:51)

Stancati attends a fine dining course. She reflects on her biggest obstacle in serving and her confidence.

Adjusting to the U.S. (05:00)

Kennedy's girlfriend Diana Gonzalez has her first prenatal checkup in the U.S. Kennedy is unable to attend because he is studying for the California food safety exam. Kennedy studies English once a week with Ricardo Gonzalez, a father figure.

Wedding Day (03:34)

Merino and Bonta marry at the courthouse; family and friends attend the reception. Bonta discusses the cost of her wedding.

Job Resume and Preview (02:20)

Stancati's friend Simona Tuminello helps her create a resume. She has applied to over 45 jobs in the last two months. See a preview of the next episode of "Hard Earned."

Credits: Minimum Wage: Episode 3—Hard Earned (00:39)

Credits: Minimum Wage: Episode 3—Hard Earned

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Minimum Wage: Episode 3—Hard Earned

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A surprise on the housing front leads Jose to think about his future with Elizabeth in a new light. Hilton and Diana prepare for the birth of twins, while Hilton works hard for a promotion at work. Emilia pounds the pavement for a better-paying job. DJ fears recrimination at work for his union activity.

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