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Introduction: The Afterlife: Let's Talk about Religion (00:33)


Religions try to answer the question what happens after we die. In this episode viewers will learn about how Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians perceive the afterlife.

Islam: The Afterlife (04:29)

Deceased souls remain in their graves awaiting the resurrection. On Judgement Day, all humanity will be resurrected together and held accountable by Allah. In the Hadith, Mohammed describes "the real bankruptcy" as someone who loses all their credit with Allah, because of their malfeasance towards his fellow man.

Buddhism: The Afterlife (06:19)

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, which can be escaped by Nirvana. Venerable Nissarano describes how Buddha realized that he had been reborn according to his karma. The Four Noble truths lead to Enlightenment.

Christianity: The Afterlife (04:02)

According to Christians, after casting off their corporal body, a person's spirit is reunited with God. On Judgement Day, humanity is called to give an account of their good and bad deeds. All three religions believe that how an individual behaves on earth, will influence how one is treated in the afterlife.

Credits: The Afterlife: Let's Talk about Religion (00:09)

Credits: The Afterlife: Let's Talk about Religion

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The Afterlife: Let's Talk about Religion

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Ever wondered what happens to you after you die? Do our actions affect what happens to us in the afterlife? This program presents comprehensive overviews of life after death from Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian perspectives. Topics include teachings about following the path to Nirvana, Paradise and Heaven, and the concepts of final judgement and Hell.

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