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Monster the Sloth (04:50)


Sam Trull works at Kids Saving the Rainforest, a rescue and rehabilitation center in the Costa Rican jungle. Trull's specialism and passion is sloths. She lives with the sloths in their habitat; meet Monster.

Africa and Aleka (04:12)

Poaching and hunting reduces Africa's wildlife. Antelope Park is a wildlife conservation program in Zimbabwe. Leigh-Anne Webb heads the program to save lions; she hand raised twin cubs.

Monster in Boot Camp (06:10)

Baby sloths tuck into wild leaves to sleep; they have poor vision. Trull trained Monster to take care of herself. Monster’s first challenge is an assault course where she must find food.

Africa and Aleka's Challenge (04:44)

The lion cubs learn to hunt makeshift animals that will be easy for them to catch; it is important to use natural items. Sharp eyes and hearing help lions hone in on prey.

Sloth Emergency (06:47)

Trull cares for other animals at the center. Her monkey catching skills come in handy when the primates need medical treatment. Falfel the marmoset has a broken tail and bite wounds from a fight.

Harriet the Serval (05:36)

Saving cats is a top priority for rescue centers. Sarah Carter and her husband run the Twala wildlife sanctuary. They take in any cats that have been injured or abandoned.

Iron Man Sloth (04:00)

All the two-toed sloths are named after action heroes. Iron Man is placed in rehab. Sloths have a hard time regulating body temperature because they cannot shiver.

Harriet's Freedom (07:10)

In the wild, serval cats pounce on small prey like mice. They can leap into the air and catch birds while in flight.

Monster in the Dark (04:05)

Many jungle predators hunt under the cover of darkness. Wild sloths only come down from the trees once a week to go to the toilet. Monster picks a risky time to go come down the tree.

Credit: Monster and Africa: Episode 2-Nature's Miracle Orphans (00:33)

Credit: Monster and Africa: Episode 2-Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2: Monster and Africa

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Monster is an orphaned three toed sloth who was found by the roadside, alone and scared. She has been in the care of sloth expert Sam for the past 18 months. But it is now time for her to return to her jungle home in Costa Rica. Sam is putting Monster through her paces in a boot camp that she has designed especially for sloths, to see if she has the necessary skills to survive on her own. In Zimbabwe, it is precious cats that are being put through their paces. Lion cubs Africa and Alika were bred in captivity and now have to learn how to hunt like wild lions and injured Serval Harriet is honing her hunting skills too. But can she prove to her carer Sarah that she is ready for a wilder existence?

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