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How Do Artificial Sweeteners Work? (03:13)


Dr. Caroline Withers points out taste receptors on the tongue. Roberts participates in a blind taste test with sugar and other sweeteners in water.

Diet Taste Test (02:32)

Athletes participate in an experiment to see if artificial sweeteners affect how much people eat after exercise. The group that had diet drinks ate more calories than the group with regular soda.

Tom's Tips: Problem 1 (02:18)

Kerridge meets with a viewer who has trouble cooking Yorkshire pudding. Jillian demonstrates how she normally cooks this dish.

Tom's Tips: Solution 2 (04:03)

Kerridge cleans the oven before showing Jillian how to cook a perfect Yorkshire pudding.

Food Storage (05:11)

Bananas and onions produce ethylene as they ripen and should be kept away from other fruits and vegetables. Potatoes should be stored in a cool dark place and green potatoes should not be consumed

Tom's Tips: Trades Secrets 1 (03:14)

Kerridge describes how olive oil, sea salt, smoked paprika, and anchovies can be used to enhance dishes.

Link to Cancer (03:54)

A WHO report described processed meat as a class one carcinogen. Roberts visits Redding University's Food and Nutritional Sciences department to find out how dangerous it really is.

Cancer Statistics (02:43)

Roberts meet an expert on how cancer effects populations to learn about the risk of cancer due to processed meats vs. smoking cigarettes.

Tom's Tips: Problem 2 (02:35)

Kerridge meets with a viewer who struggles to make risotto. Tina shows him how she normally prepares the dish.

Tom's Tips: Solution 2 (02:30)

Kerridge demonstrates how to properly cook risotto. He uses shallots instead of onion and much less rice than Tina used.

Mayonaise Comparison (04:14)

Basic, standard, and premium store brand mayo contain different ingredients. Budget brands save money and calories. Taste testers score ten different mayo samples.

What Are Aphrodisiacs? (02:30)

Roberts meets with a physiologist to learn about foods that increase desire and enhance sexual performance.

Aphrodisiac Experiment (04:37)

Volunteers participate in an experiment that measures heart rate before and after taking supplements.

Tom's Tips: Trades Secrets 1 (03:22)

Kerridge demonstrates how slow cooking is a good way to break down cheap cuts of meat.

Credits: The Food Detectives: Episode 2 (00:49)

Credits: The Food Detectives: Episode 2

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The Food Detectives: Episode 2

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In this episode Prof Alice Roberts finds out about the latest research which suggests that that drinking artificially sweetened drinks can encourage us to eat more than we might expect. Alice is also investigating the chemical that's causing the problem and asks how worried should we be about eating meat? And… do aphrodisiacs actually work? Alice finds out. Chef Tom Kerridge is on a mission to help with another kitchen fail. Tom visit’s Glasgow and Bracknell to sort out viewer's Yorkshire puddings and risotto kitchen fails. The supermarkets offer own brand products across a range stretching from basic standard to premium. But is it worth paying for a premium product or is a money saving basic as good for our health and our taste buds. To find out our consumer journalist Sean Fletcher is investigating mayonnaise.

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