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Campylobacter (04:11)


Most chicken in supermarkets is contaminated with bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Roberts visits the Roslyn Institute to talk to an expert on food borne illness.

Tom's Tips: Problem 1 (02:55)

Kerridge meets with a viewer who has trouble cooking salmon. Susan shows the chef how she normally cooks her fillets.

Tom's Tips: Solution 1 (03:15)

Kerridge teaches a viewer how to cook a perfect salmon. Score the skin, salt the fillet, dip it in flour, use a preheated non-stick pan, and cook it skin side down for most of the cooking process.

Product Value and Quality (02:56)

Super markets offer ranges of their own brand products with different price points. Budget, standard, and premium pasta are tested for quality.

Pasta Taste Test (02:12)

Volunteers tell whether they buy budget pasta. They try 10 different pasta samples. Standard is rated the highest, then budget, premium comes in last.

Chicken Analysis (01:59)

A public health lab conducts tests that show rates of Campylobacter have not decreases since the FSA "named and shamed" supermarkets.

Correct Chicken Preparation (03:50)

A hygiene expert demonstrates what steps to take to avoid getting sick from poultry contaminated with Campylobacter.

Tom's Tips: Trade Secrets 1 (03:57)

Kerridge teaches viewers how to brine pork belly, which adds flavor and holds in moisture.

Popularity of Gluten Free Products (03:31)

Roberts visits a baker and learns how essential gluten is for baking.

Gluten Free Experiment Setup (03:52)

There is a shortage of scientific evidence about benefits of cutting gluten from the diet of people who do not have Celiac disease.

Tom's Tips: Problem 2 (02:37)

Kerridge meets with a viewer who has trouble making poached eggs.

Tom's Tips: Solution 2 (03:21)

Kerridge teaches a viewer how to poach perfect eggs. Fresh eggs are a must, add vinegar to the water, and simmer on low heat.

Gluten Free Experiment Results (03:14)

Volunteers report how they felt during the diet trial. Group B experienced a placebo effect. There was no difference in symptoms between the groups.

Tom's Tips: Trade Secrets 2 (03:43)

Kerridge demonstrates how to correctly use garnishes to enhance soup. Pesto creates color and contrast on tomato soup.

Credits: The Food Detectives: Episode 1 (00:49)

Credits: The Food Detectives: Episode 1

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In this new series scientist Prof Alice Roberts, Chef Tom Kerridge, and journalist Sean Fletcher are keen to improve your cooking, your health and your bank balance by dishing up the plain facts about our food. Chef Tom Kerridge is on a mission to improve our cooking skills one dish at a time. He responds to the public's kitchen disasters. This time he's in Poole and Weymouth to help viewers who have problems cooking fish and poached eggs. Tom also shares his trade secret for perfect pork by using a process called brining, and talks us through garnishes. Professor Alice Roberts reveals that three quarters of us are taking home a food poisoning bug with us from the supermarket. It's a health food scandal that few of us have even heard of—Campylobacter. Alice also takes a closer look at Gluten free products and diet. Meanwhile consumer journalist Sean Fletcher is pulling apart the ingredients in some every day foods to find out - this time it’s pasta.

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