Segments in this Video

Yemen Civil War (02:04)


Several factions are part of the civil war. The main conflict is between the Houthis who rule the streets of Sana'a, Yemen and the exiled president.

War's True Cost (02:38)

Civilians caught in the middle of Yemen's civil war fill the hospitals. Reporter, Sophie McNeill focuses on two children who suffered injuries from a missile and a cluster bomb.

Propaganda War (03:52)

McNeill and her crew see evidence of war crimes committed by the Saudi Coalition. Saudi Arabia's fears of the Houthi tie to Shia Iran prompted them to join the fight. The U. N. accused the Saudi Coalition of purposefully attacking densely populated areas.

War's Unplanned Side Affects (02:04)

The Saudi Coalition bombed Yemen's main port, devastating the country's ability to import food and medicine. The economy collapsed and many citizens await food handouts.

Camp for Displaced People (02:54)

Approximately 2.8 million Yeminis have been displaced since the start of the war. Medecins Sans Frontieres provides aid to the camp twice a week. Four MSF hospitals have been targeted.

Al-Sabin Hospital, Sana'a (03:53)

Malnourished children in northern Yemen receive treatment at Al-Sabin Hospital. The hospital is low on many provisions, including ventilators.

Shortages in Yemen (01:22)

MSF provides many medications the Al-Sabin Hospital needs, but cannot guarantee fuel for generators needed during electric outages. The U. N. no longer provides medications for many of Yemen's cancer patients.

Wedding Day Turns Tragic (03:39)

Human rights researcher, Osama Al Fakih leads McNeill to the scene where a wedding with 40 people was hit by an airstrike. Survivors recall the day.

War Crimes (02:49)

Several groups have been accused of war crimes. The Houthis brought troops and weapons into densely populated areas. See an update on the children from previous segments.

Child Soldiers (03:42)

Approximately 30% of Houthi fighters are children. Soldiers chant in the streets. Peace talks break down and Coalition forces target several areas along the northern region of Yemen.

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In a playground of international powers, it’s children who are dying from bombs, bullets and hunger. ABC Australia correspondent Sophie McNeill and cameraman Aaron Hollett report from the Yemen war zone.

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