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Impact of Tourism in Thailand (02:41)


Thailand, with a population of 60 million, is located midway between India and China. Most tourists visit the crowded capitol city of Bangkok, before making their way to lavish hotels on the beaches.

Ecotourism (07:46)

Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya states that Thailand learned about tourism "the hard way" as a result of improper management. He believes his country is now on the right track.

All Sweetness and Light? (00:05)

The elephant is an important animal in Thailand; they must be trained for the tourism trade. Sean Gifford discusses the inhumane treatment of baby elephants during the training period.

Human Zoos? (04:38)

Tourists directly impact remote communities. Audhya states that tourists disrupt the local way of life; natives see dollar signs when guests enter the village.

Sex Tourism (03:51)

There are more than 200,000 prostitutes in Thailand. Noi Thammasathien states that many people visit Thailand just to have sex. It is believed that money from the Vietnam War funded child prostitution.

The Economy (05:44)

Tourism is vital to Thai people. Tourists visit silk factories and purchase finished products. Workers make parasols specifically for visitors.

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This program looks at two sides of tourism in Thailand - the ecotourism that is so popular and its effects on the people, flora, and fauna of Thailand. It also discusses issues relating to sex tourism in Thailand.

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