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Taking you into the heart of the American death penalty system, this three-part series asks what a sentence really means to the people living on death row, and the other people connected to the case. Gaining even deeper access to courts, prisons and capital cases across America, this second series exposes previously unexamined areas from sentencing and prosecution to psychiatry and appeal. Painstaking and impartial, each programme asks urgent ethical questions about justice, the right to life, and the right to kill. Could you testify against someone close to you? What is it like to be drafted onto a jury to decide if someone lives or dies? And can we draw a definitive line between personality and mental illness? Gripping and thought-provoking, the real-life stories featured are packed full of drama, jeopardy and intense emotion.

Length: 150 minutes

Item#: FMK124920

ISBN: 978-1-63521-812-1

Copyright date: ©2016

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