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Europe's Border Crisis: Introduction (01:51)


BBC's "Panorama" joins hundreds of thousands of refugees and economic migrants on a 1,300 mile journey from Greece to Austria. The EU is divided on how to handle the influx.

Landing on Kos (03:10)

Nearly 3,000 people have died trying to cross from Turkey to Greece. John Sweeney tours a beach and a makeshift encampment. Most migrants are Syrian refugees; Mohammed and his family risked death to flee both the Islamic State and Assad's forces in Raqqa.

Kos Refugee Camps (03:18)

Syrian migrants and vacationers coexist on the Greek island. Migrants must fend for themselves due to Greece's economic downturn; tourists and NGOs try to help. Sweeney examines rubber dinghies used by smugglers charging $1,200 per person.

Stuck on Kos (03:49)

Smugglers make millions transporting Syrian refugees to Greece. A family nearly escaped death on a leaky dinghy. Refugees should apply for asylum in the first country they land, but most wait for paperwork to continue to Northern Europe. ISIS infiltrators may ruin their image.

Slow Track to Europe (03:30)

At the Hotel Captain Elias, economic migrants await registration by the Kos police. Mohammed's family has secured documents to leave the island; they queue for the ferry to the mainland. Germany announced it would welcome all Syrian asylum seekers, causing a flood of refugees.

Journey through Greece (03:43)

Syrian refugees rush to board a ferry from Kos to the Greek mainland. Sweeney will follow the migrant trail for 1,300 miles to Austria, where most people want to claim asylum. They take buses to the Macedonian border, where police rush them across.

Macedonia to Serbia (03:18)

Syrian refugees eat a meal during a break on their journey. Many are young men; Sweeney interviews a Syrian aerospace engineer from Dubai joining the migrant trail to get a European passport. He does not want to fight in what he calls a tribal war.

Entering Serbia (02:48)

After losing his passport, Sobie had pretended a woman was his sister; they have parted ways over money. He had fled Syria for Lebanon two years before the border crisis, and says 80% of migrants are true refugees.

Hope for a Better Life (03:11)

Sweeney interviews a man whose son was injured in a bombing in Syria. They had lived in Turkey, but joined migrants to Europe due to a lack of education and opportunities for refugees. Another child was injured by a taxi in Macedonia.

Belgrade (03:26)

Syrian refugees must leave Serbia within three days, or apply for asylum. Azam's jaw wound is infected; volunteer doctors say he needs hospitalization. A man claiming guardianship wants to continue north. Later, Sweeney learns they left before Azam received treatment.

Serbia to Hungary (03:44)

Sweeney meets Sobie traveling with a disabled woman, allowing him to skip queues. Gufrun explains how the war has impacted her twin boys; they will only remember fear and terror. Islamic militants had arrested Jeehad for letting his wife drive.

Racing against Time (02:21)

Syrian refugees are dropped six miles from the Hungarian border, their gateway to Northern Europe. Hungary plans to close the border in three days.

Hungarian Authorities (03:53)

Hungary's prime minister does not want Muslims staying in the country. Police only allow people claiming Syrian nationality to board a bus. Rather than be detained at the border, many refugees are detouring across the countryside. A woman is nearly separated from her child.

Entering Hungary (02:08)

After crossing the border, Syrian refugees are held in a camp for processing. Police stop Sweeney from interviewing people through the fence.

Hungary to Austria (04:29)

In Budapest, hundreds of Syrian refugees wait transport to Austria. Mustafa shows Sweeney his bar code identification and photos of his bombed home in Syria. His aunt Thacrea became ill in Hungary and was separated from her son; she is in despair.

Final Stretch (02:16)

Syrian refugees disembark a train and walk 2 miles to the Austrian border. Everyone interviewed complains of poor treatment in Hungary. Sweeney runs into Sobie, who prefers the difficult journey to staying in a war zone.

Reaching Sanctuary (02:45)

In the final stretch to Austria, Thacrea collapses. Rather than return to Hungary for medical treatment, she continues on. Across the border, Austrian aid workers help Syrian refugees.

Ongoing Border Crisis (01:47)

On September 15, 2015, Hungary closed its border to refugees; they eventually found other ways to continue north. Thacrea was reunited with her son. Germany expects to receive 1 million people but Europe is divided on how to manage the influx.

Credits: Europe's Border Crisis: The Long Road (00:31)

Credits: Europe's Border Crisis: The Long Road

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As Europe witnesses the dramatic movement of people across its borders, BBC reporter John Sweeney joins thousands making the journey from the Greek island of Kos to the Austrian border with Hungary. He meets families fleeing conflict and terror in Syria, refugees separated from their loved ones, children, the old and sick being forced to march to safety. Among this tide of humanity, he also finds economic migrants seeking a better life in northern Europe and he asks, with winter on the way, is the crisis about to claim even more lives?

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