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Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry (01:50)


Mennonite founders built their business around green manufacturing processes, using raw material sourced from responsibly grown wood lots. Sales and marketing VP Bob Wiens helps customers redesign kitchens for storage space, ease of use, and ergonomics.

Cutting (02:21)

An automated beam saw cuts pallets of plywood and laminate sheets to size— minimizing waste and producing accurate measurements.

Drilling and Assembly (02:37)

The Skipper uses a CNC router to direct accurate drilling of shelf, hinge, and drawer track holes. Learn about the edge tape and pin and dowel machines. After drawer tracks or hinge plates are added, the case clamp presses panels into boxes or doors.

Finishing (01:33)

After boxes and doors are assembled, they are sanded by hand to prevent cross-grain sanding.

Color Mixing (02:41)

Using customer household items, colorists create colors in a lab. Spencer Finch demonstrates matching a paint chip, measuring each quantity of added paint to calculate accurate ratios for scaling up.

Sprayout (01:58)

Finch adds catalyst and thinner to a paint sample. Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry uses low VLC spray guns to minimize airborne particles while painting cabinets. They are then dried with automobile paint drying technology.

Staining Process (02:32)

Elmwood employees stain and varnish cabinets with veneers by hand. View layers of stain, toner, and varnish. The company cleans and recycles chemicals, maintains healthy air quality, and is an FSC approved manufacturer.

Antiquing and Weathering (04:18)

Artists paint thick layers to accentuate brushstrokes and simulate old paint. Glaze makes the finish look dirty; a dry brush simulates grime buildup and a cow-tail brush simulates barn animals flicking the cabinet with their tails.

Environmental Stewardship (01:39)

Elmwood recycles and reuses material, such as extracting wood chips and sawdust for mulch at a local nursery. Mennonite founders were renowned for craftsmanship and respecting nature.

Credits: How Kitchen Cabinets Are Made: Made To Renovate (00:30)

Credits: How Kitchen Cabinets Are Made: Made To Renovate

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This episode shows how kitchen cabinets are made. Starting from the selection of wood to the creation of cabinet boxes and finally to painting and assembly. The episode also outlines how special order paint matching is done and it also shows the technique for making new kitchen cabinets look distressed and aged.

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