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Living with Principle (02:00)


"Life with Principle" examines the philosophical legacy of Henry David Thoreau and how it resonates within today's society. His writings possess insights on nonconformity, transcendentalism, environmentalism, and grappling with difficult decisions.

Hearing That Different Drummer (10:06)

Thoreau grew up in Concord and was influenced by the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence. He wrote about an individual's role within society, standing up for one's beliefs, non-conformity, and conscientious objecting. Authors, politicians, and students discuss his legacy.

Being Awake and Aware and Alive (06:17)

The landscape and characters of his hometown inspired Thoreau. Historians, authors, chaplains, and philosophers discuss his theories on living in the present. High school students examine the media's influence upon society and nonconformity.

Examining Desperate and Deliberate lives (07:01)

Thoreau spent two years near Walden Pond examining what was important to him and discovered true happiness lay in stripping off excess possessions. Historians, authors, chaplains and philosophers discuss how the modern age and the American dream impede true happiness. Jenny Macone explains one should live as if they were dying.

Living in Society (10:05)

When the United States engaged in the Mexican-American war, Thoreau refused to pay taxes and wrote "Civil Disobedience." Historians, authors, chaplains, philosophers and students share how his writings and actions influence them in today's society. Daniel Ellsberg shares that Thoreau inspired him to give "The Pentagon Papers" to "The New York Times."

Living in Nature (08:54)

Thoreau was fascinated by modern advances, but protected the environment and inspired the conservation movement in America. Historians, authors, chaplains, philosophers and students share how Thoreau's writings and actions inspired them in today's society.

Confronting the Mean and the Sublime (10:53)

Thoreau attempted to record his capacity for violence and peace. Scholars, historians, chaplains, and philosophers discuss drug addiction and terrorism. Students share their thoughts on war.

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This educational documentary introduces Thoreau's timeless and provocative ideas in a 21st Century context. It includes interviews with historian Howard Zinn, Daniel Ellsberg and noted linguistics expert Noam Chomsky, along with other individuals who forthrightly explain how they have learned to cope in today's modern world.

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