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Praying for Intervention (03:39)


In Northern Iraq, refugees driven out by the Islamic State gather at the Kurdistan border. A man explains that a woman cries constantly because two of her children died from starvation and her husband is missing. Caliphate soldiers forced Christians out of Mosul and the Shengal province. (Credits)

"Please Send Help to Shengal" (02:08)

Refugees arrive at the Kurdistan border covered in blisters, having slept on the ground for four days, and not knowing where to go. Yazidis gather to beg for help. A woman mentions that everyone blames IS for the refugee crisis.

Besma's Story (03:22)

Besma married her husband two days before IS attacked her village— she was visiting her parents when she was forced to flee. Oil in Northern Syria and possible sponsorship from gulf states help fund IS. One woman whose three children were abducted by IS begs for a gun so she can protect herself.

Yazidi Religion (02:02)

IS condemns Yazidism as devil worship and drove the religious group into the mountains. When food and water ran out, the refugees settled in Southern Kurdistan. Hogir Hirori, a Swedish-Kurdish filmmaker decides to travel to Kurdistan to document the refugee's plight.

Meeting the Refugees (02:31)

Horori hears stories of mass starvation and kidnapped children. These refugees survive on one piece of bread a day.

Brutality of IS (02:23)

IS brutality forced a squadron of Kurdish Peshmerga to renounce their cause and enlist in the IS— one man refused and caliphate soldiers beheaded him. After capturing Syrian Soldiers, IS forced them to march through the desert in only their underwear then killed them by firing squad. Horori searches for Besma.

Strain on Kurdish People (02:49)

Horori travels to the border to meet refugees who traveled from Iraq. Peshmerga soldiers wage war against IS fighters. A civilian volunteer gives out water to refugees who have been walking for days, some with bare feet.

Family Means Everything (03:35)

Khaled, who fled with his wife and children, carried his mother on his back for three days. One man buried his grandchild on the journey after IS kidnapped his two daughters. Horori reflects on the horror of the atrocities.

Walking for Three Days (02:43)

Refugees recount traveling to the border. Men help transport the refugees to schools in Khanke, Shariya, and Dohuk where they will live during the crisis. Tawre gave birth to Harbia in the mountains eight days ago.

Refugee Crisis (03:46)

Volunteers travel to Syria to help refugees cross the border— many Yazidis are trapped in the Shengal Mountains. Faize waits at a tent camp in Dohuk anxious to see any friends from home. Horori convinces a doctor to check on Suad, a ten-year-old girl who cannot hold down her food.

Amira's Story (03:52)

Amira explains how IS shot and killed her husband and other male family members. The soldiers sold her for $12. One night, she broke down the door, escaped with her son, and found an Iraqi family that would help her reach Kurdistan.

Well-Organized Enemy (02:44)

Iran and US sent troops to help combat IS, but experts worry that the organization will win the support of the local population. Besma is reunited with her husband, Sirwan. He was captured by caliphate soldiers but managed to escape.

Credits: Victims of IS (00:07)

Credits: Victims of IS

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As Obama announces a US strategy for tackling the Islamic State in Iraq, on the ground thousands of lives are being torn apart. This shocking report dives into the chaos, revealing a horrifying refugee crisis.

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