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Introduction: No Limbs No Limits (Credits) (01:46)


One of only seven people in the world with this condition, Joanne O'Riordan was born on April 24, 1996 with no arms or legs. This is the story of her incredible achievements with the support of her parents, brothers, and sister.

Celebrating Girls ICT Day (03:32)

Joanne O'Riordan speaks at the United Nations to bring awareness about information and communication technologies and what it can do for girls. She can type 36 wpm and has always relied on technology to advance her abilities.

Learning Joanne's Condition (03:52)

In February of 1996, Ann O'Riordan questions the doctor about her smaller than usual pregnancy size. In March a scan reveals that Joanne has no limbs. Hear how Joanne's father, Dan Joe O'Riordan, comes to accept the shocking news.

First Look at Joanne (03:51)

Joanne wiggles across the carpet to retrieve her bottle. Ann O'Riordan recalls picking out a grave site after being told not to expect Joanne to live. Dan O'Riodan remembers immediately bonding with her. Ann has no idea how she will cope.

Considering Prosthetics (04:05)

Joanne scoots across the table to earn a cup of water. The O'Riordan's doctor tells them not to listen to others and suggests they put her in a home when things become difficult. Ann recalls the tears streaming down her face.

Joanne O'Riordan Fund (02:23)

See Joanne walking in her first prosthetic. After an appearance on the "Kenny Live" show, donations for Joanne poured in from all over the world. New tools at her disposal made it possible for her to thrive in school.

Preserving the Disability Allowance (03:54)

In 2011, Ireland's Prime Minister is filmed promising Joanne that he won't cut disability funding. See her feed herself, use a cell phone, and brush her teeth before leaving to address the United Nations.

Heading For United Nations (02:35)

Ireland television reports on Joanne's upcoming trip to the UN. Luggage is loaded into the van with her. See her boarding her plane.

"No Limits" (05:55)

Grammy award winner and songwriter Julie Gold is inspired by Joanne's life story and her UN speech. She sings Joanne the song she has written. Joanne explains how she uses her wheelchair.

Joanne's 16th Birthday Celebration (03:36)

Joanne blows out her birthday cake candles. Mom helps her get a bite. See home video of Joanne coloring and on her kitchen table. Her mom carries her down the hotel hallway.

Build Me a Robot (03:48)

Joanne receives a standing ovation after her speech, at the UN in New York, on how technology has improved her life and what she hopes it provide for her in the future.

Ireland's Young Person of the Year (01:03)

Joanne returns home to invitations to conferences and events throughout Ireland. She is honored at the People of the Year Awards.

Drive to Tina's (03:15)

See Joanne riding in a van on the way to Birmingham, UK, to visit another girl with no limbs. Joanne uses her mouth to operate her cell phone.

Visit With Tina (06:21)

Joanne and Tina meet again after ten years. They joke about growing single digits and weight. Tina talks about being independent and having a live-in caregiver. She and Tina hope to get robots one day.

Tina's Story (04:39)

Joanne and Tina ride down the street in their motorized wheel chairs. Tina recalls meeting baby Joanne in 1997. She talks about being adopted and the death of her adopted mother. The two of them get snacks at the store.

Why a Robot? (04:41)

Joanne feels issuing a challenge at the United Nations in front of 200 of the smartest people was the chance of a lifetime. Technology gives her a chance at independence. Hear the things she wants a robot to do for her.

Robbie the Robot (05:53)

One year after her speech at the UN, Joanne receives a grant towards the invention of a robot. She visits engineers at Trinity College to see the prototype. She will be able to control it with an iPad.

Credits: No Limbs No Limits (02:17)

Credits: No Limbs No Limits

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Joanne O'Riordan has no arms or legs. One of only seven people in the world to have been born this way, she has long relied on contraptions and gadgetry as the limbs she never had. Now, she's going one step further. This awe-inspiring film follows her journey from her home in Co. Cork to the UN in New York, where she issues the ultimate challenge to the most influential women in technology: to build her a robot, and a hope for independence.

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