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Introductory Speeches: Facts Are Your Friends (04:04)


An introductory speech creates a snapshot and builds anticipation for an upcoming speaker. It is important to determine the occasion, consider the audience, and the subject being introduced.

Introductory Speeches: Introducing Yourself (03:40)

To begin writing a self-introduction sort of speech, consider why the speech is being made and to whom. There should be an introduction, body, and conclusion as well as nonverbal body language. Having a pre-written self-introduction can be useful in professional settings.

Introductory Speeches: Creating a 90-Second Introduction (03:00)

Introducing a new person in a short speech requires a short interview, and then a creative arrangement including an introduction and a body. Practicing the speech beforehand can ensure the speech is 90 seconds long and includes who, what, where, and why.

Impromptu Speeches: Elements of Effective Speeches (04:07)

Impromptu speeches do not allow time for preparation and practice, but techniques can still be employed. Thinking about a speech in terms of introduction, body, and conclusion can be helpful. Remember the audience will be sympathetic and the topic will likely be very clear.

Impromptu Speeches: Focusing the Topic (02:43)

In a setting like a birthday party, thinking about things that the audience has in common is a good way to go. A strong conclusion will ensure a short impromptu speech is effective.

Impromptu Speeches: Speed Planning (03:44)

Impromptu speeches could occur in class, at a meeting, or at a party. A filler statement can buy time to answer a question, while an introductory statement can give time to prepare a story.

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In this video, learn basic techniques for making effective introductory and impromptu speeches. Simple strategies, like organizing introductory and impromptu speeches into concise introductions, bodies, and paragraphs, allow speakers to present with clarity and ease. 

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