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Models of Communication (03:26)


The linear model views communication as a one way process. The interactional model includes receiver participation; Wilbur Schramm added the idea of field of experience. The transactional model states that meaning is created in the transaction between sender and receiver.

Motivations for Communication (04:59)

The five common reasons for communication are: sharing information, social connections, develop/maintain relationships, achieve identity needs, and influence others.

Elements of Communication (05:15)

Elements include: sender/receiver, message/symbols, communication channel, communication stimuli, noise/interference, filters, and context.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (05:07)

This ratio references useful information versus noise; the more layers a message must pass through before reaching the sender, the greater the chances of misunderstanding. Noise types include: physical, psychological, physiological, and semantic. Increasing the number of communication channels increases understanding.

Technical and Semantic Interference (04:27)

Technical interference is external factors that hinder the ability to receive a message. Semantic interference is connotative differences that hinder the ability to receive a message.

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This video identifies the three basic models and five common motivations of communication. Experts discuss the elements needed to understand the study of communication including: communication channels, communication stimuli, signal-to-noise ratio, filters, context, technical interference, and semantic interference.

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