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The Sociology of Sports in the United States (01:53)


Sports are a powerful social institution and can illuminate societal problems like drug use, racism, and gender issues. Money is the driving force of sports.

Foundation of the Sociology of Sports (09:25)

Sports reflect the values of a society, highlighting democracy and achievement. American sports are closely tied to American capitalism. Experts discuss theories used to study sports sociology.

The Growth of Modern Sports (09:59)

Factors like industrialization and technological advancement, as well as institutions like the YMCA, facilitated the development of sports in America. Mass communication systems like television provide advertisement for sports, furthering the growth of the social institution. Experts discuss the notion of the "American Dream" and the Olympics.

The Relationship of Sports to Character, Social Roles, and Morality (06:48)

The 19th century development of sports in American society is linked to the popular belief that sports build good character in young people. Sports stars are idolized and character issues may arise as excellent athletes are excused for bad behavior. Sports are associated to deviance but sports psychologists argue that there is no more deviance in sports than in other arenas of life.

The Organization and Institutionalization of Sports (06:27)

Youth sports are more enjoyable for children when they are not overly organized. The specialization of sports restricts athletes' lives. Athletics are big business.

The Influences of Social Class, Race, and Gender on Sports and Leisure Participation (07:37)

Class, status, race, and gender affect participation levels in American sports and have throughout history. When racial integration in sports occurred, racial equality did not. Sports socialization perpetuates traditional masculinity and femininity.

Sports and Society in the 21st Century (01:43)

Sports are symbolic to American culture. Society should accept that both women and men can participate in sports at any level of their choosing as sports go on to dictate the type of society in America.

Credits: Sociology of Sports (01:11)

Credits: Sociology of Sports

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This program discusses sports as a social phenomenon. It explores what sports can teach about society and considers how social goals and objectives are reflected in sports. It examines the development of sports sociology; probes the relationship of sports to religion, social roles, citizenship and morality; and looks at the organization and institutionalization of sports. The program also explores how social class, race, and gender affect participation in sports.

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