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Afghan Ski Challenge (03:37)


European ski enthusiasts working in Kabul have set up an annual race, embraced by locals. Bamiyan Province is the ancestral home of the Hazara, a Shia minority under Taliban threat.

Taliban Threat (01:54)

The Hazara are attracting Westerners like Texan lawyer Jeff Olsen to their ski challenge. Military personnel patrol the Bamiyan Mountains; the Taliban are taking over large areas of rural Afghanistan. Local mechanic Shah Aqa wins the race; he says skiing sends a message of peace.

Bamiyan Province (03:41)

Afghanistan's Hazara people are a Taliban target. They were custodians of Buddhist statues destroyed by fundamentalists in 2001. New York financial analyst Lisa Fuerst explains what draws her to the unstable area.

Women's Fragile Freedoms (03:52)

Young Hazara women refuse to return to the conservative past. University educated Zakia Dawood, 21, works and is on a cycling team. Her family is open minded; her father hopes all his children will study. They discuss the ongoing Taliban threat.

Bamiyan Women Cafe (01:28)

Zakia draws strength from other independent Hazara women. Najiba Noori runs a handicrafts business and hopes to become a documentary maker. She travels to Kabul regularly— risking Taliban attack or rape.

Death Road (02:26)

Between Bamiyan and Kabul is Taliban territory; they compete with the Islamic State for power. The Shia Hazara risk their lives to travel; province border guards search for hidden explosives in vehicles and luggage. Police chief Reza Moin says security in Bamiyan is inadequate.

Threat to Bamiyan Peace (03:52)

Civil rights activist Jawad Lakoo says the Hazara are still traumatized by the Taliban's 1990s takeover; he recalls civilian massacres. The Taliban were driven out by a U.S. led coalition in 2001 but fighting is returning. Displaced families live in former Buddhist caves; Bamiyan City lacks basic infrastructure due to government discrimination.

Cultural Dilemma (04:13)

Jawad explains the debate over whether to rebuild the iconic Buddha statues. The Hazara people fear another Taliban invasion. Zakia participates in the women's ski competition. She believes the Taliban will return if the international community leaves Afghanistan. Thousands of Hazara have sought asylum across the world.

Credits: Afghanistan: On Thin Ice (00:54)

Credits: Afghanistan: On Thin Ice

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A budding ski industry has sprung up in the remote alps of Afghanistan. But this enterprise—and the local people—face the menace of a resurgent Taliban.

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