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Underage and Gay (01:57)


Fifteen is now the average age for youngsters to openly declare themselves homosexual. This documentary follows five gay students who have come out and are navigating pressures at home and school.

A Supportive Family (03:05)

Beckham, age-14, came out to his family and close friends last year. Michaela, his mother, always knew he was gay. This summer he plans to be open about his sexuality to his critics and meets his new boyfriend, Josh, outside the home.

A Butch Lesbian (01:52)

Micheala, age-14 always knew she was different and was bullied by girls when she was young because she had better relationships with the boys. She explains that she used the anger to her advantage. She will be joining a Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender club in town.

Embracing Her Inner Unicorn (02:11)

Tameka, age-16, found it hard to fit in at school and kept a low profile to blend in. Now she embraces her sexuality and is excited to go to the prom in a new dress.

Born a Female (02:50)

Alex, age-17, identifies himself as a trans male. He reads a poem about his struggles with his own identity. He left home after a physical altercation with his parents, and has been living in a hostel since.

Support of her Mother (03:48)

Cariad identifies as a lesbian and has known since she was 9 or 10 that she was different. The girls in school ostracized her and the boys picked on her. This summer she realized that she can wear feminine attire even if she is gay and is working on a new wardrobe for the fall.

Week Long Cruise (03:39)

Michaela attends an LGBT club event and feels comfortable. Tameka gets dressed up for the prom and feels beautiful attending with her friend.

Getting Away from the Hostel (01:56)

Alex joins a youth group at YMCA to make new friends. He read a statistic that 50 percent of transgendered individuals try to commit suicide during their life, so he wants to improve his support system.

Getting a Job (04:04)

Beckham works in a salon. He is single again— he and his boyfriend broke up after 10 days. He receives threatening messages from an anonymous texter.

Michaela Begins a Relationship (03:48)

Michaela meets Shayne, a transgender male. She decides she wants to be called Kyle from now on. On the eve before Manchester Pride, Kyle reflects that she spent much of her youth concentrating on hatred instead of productive goals.

Beckham Turns 15 (02:00)

Beckham and his mother visit Blackpool and spend the day getting away from abuse at home. He feels it is easier to be himself when he is away from Bradford.

Kyle Accused of Violence (02:31)

Lukasz called the police who took Kyle into custody. Shayne tells his side of the story. Kyle regrets her actions.

Things Get Worse (02:45)

Beckham starts receiving threatening phone calls from multiple people. Michaela plays the conversations. They summoned the police, but they could only charge it as a hate crime.

Positive Outcome (02:06)

Cariad returns to school— Mr. Powell, her head of year, explains that the school held a mandatory meeting about bullying. She is shocked, because since she came out, several of her friends have as well. She does not feel isolated anymore.

Discovering New Things (02:16)

Tameka began college— she reflects that prom was not worth the money but it was nice to get the respect of her peers. Over the summer, she volunteered for the National Citizen's Service and met a man she dated. She is starting to believe she is bisexual.

Alex Moves to Swansea (03:53)

Alex decides to have no further contact with his family. Kyle talks to his mother about the incident on the boat and tells her he wishes to be referred to as male, but does not want a sex change. Rhiannon is happy to call him whatever he prefers— he is still her daughter.

No Further Phone Calls (01:37)

Beckham explains that being gay is not a choice, and he is proud to be who he is. He hopes to move away from Bradford. He is also excited because in another year he can have legal sex.

Credits: Teenage and Gay (00:58)

Credits: Teenage and Gay

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Young gay people in the UK are increasingly discovering the self-awareness and confidence to come out while still in school. In recent years there has been a revolution in social acceptance, but coming out while still a teen is always fraught with difficulties and potential danger. This documentary follows five British teenagers as they come out, capturing intimate first-hand experiences, empathising with them as they seek acceptance for their sexuality. From the 14-year-old footballer who describes herself as a ‘butch lesbian’ to the transgender boy forced out of home and school, the programme features a cross-section of characters. Intimate, confessional and raw, Teenage and Gay celebrates their bravery, and exposes the ostracism and bullying they can suffer. NB. The UK TX version is called Underage and Gay. A BBC Production.

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