Segments in this Video

Brandon is Getting Worse (03:07)


Brandon and his friends are eating burgers and fries at a restaurant. Brandon pours liquor from a bottle he sneaked in into his glass. When he leaves the room, his friends discuss how his drinking is getting worse.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor (03:28)

Brandon is meeting his friends at a party and realizes he is late. When he gets there, he finds his friends sitting around a table, not partying. It turns out to be the house of a drug and alcohol counselor, and his friends are hosting an intervention.

Sean's Letter (02:47)

Brandon's friend Sean reads a letter he has written to Brandon regarding an incident that happened between him and Brandon a few months ago. Brandon stole a $1000 from the money Sean collected for homeless people.

Jeremy's Piece (04:32)

Brandon's little brother, Jeremy, reads a letter he wrote regarding Brandon's addiction problem. Brandon stashed marijuana in Jeremy's jacket when they were catching a flight for Christmas and Jeremy was taken to a police station.

Alex's Message (02:56)

Alex brandishes a cut on his arm and recalls a time with he was shot. Alex says that Brandon changes the subject whenever Alex tries to talk to him.

Mia's Birthday (03:36)

Mia tells Brandon how distant they have been and Brandon begs her not to say it. She remembers kissing in his car on her birthday when Brandon was really drunk.

Rehabilitation Recommendations (04:06)

Brandon throws a tantrum and the drug and alcohol counselor tells him that he has an addiction disease. The counselor, Brandon's friends, and his parents want to send him to a rehabilitation center.

Brandon Drinks (02:54)

Brandon leaves his friends and drives away. Someone contacts him on his pager and he makes a call on payphone to his drug dealer. He tells his dealer to call him in a month then goes to buy alcohol.

Help Me (01:51)

Brandon wrecks his car and wakes up in the hospital with Mia beside him. He says that he gives up and asks for her help.

Credits: Lifestories 11: Family In Crisis–Confronting Brandon: The Intervention Of An Addict (00:45)

Credits: Lifestories 11: Family In Crisis–Confronting Brandon: The Intervention Of An Addict

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Lifestories 11: Family In Crisis–Confronting Brandon: The Intervention Of An Addict

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With a serious addiction to alcohol and drugs, high-school student Brandon Clifton was a time bomb waiting to explode. But like many addicts, Brandon didn't even know he had a problem -- until concerned friends and family organized an "intervention" that may well have saved his life. An HBO Production. 

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