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Attached to the Hood (03:26)


After serving seven years in prison, Leifel Jackson is out on parole and working at a youth center. Jackson watches "Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock" with kids from the center.

Gang Intelligence (02:50)

Gang Intelligence Detective, Todd Hurd, discusses Jackson's undertaking to get kids off the streets. It has taken Hurd and his team 10 years to gather enough intelligence about the Little Rock area to gain insight into its gang problem.

Community Involvement (03:16)

Jackson is the director of an after-school program for children, and earns $140 a week. Kids question Jackson about the violence he committed while in a gang.

Gang Consequences (02:21)

Jackson visits Derrick Williams, a man paralyzed after being shot 10 times by a fellow Crip. Williams was enticed by the glamorous life of a gang member.

Gang Family (03:02)

Jackson talks with Moran Ellis about the death of Williams, and the tragic results of gang life. Moran was 9-years-old when Jackson recruited him to join the Crips.

Claiming Territory (01:35)

Ten years ago, while shooting "Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock", the Bloods attack the Crips in a drive-by shooting. Jackson explains how the violence then was due to territorial control.

Enemies of the Past (03:49)

Marvin Weathersby, a Highland Court Blood, visits Jackson at the youth center, and speaks to the kids about his experience as a gang member.

Life After Gang Banging (03:35)

Weathersby visits his brother, Sonny Boy, who is a fellow Blood. Weathersby is attempting to find success in the music business.

Battling Poverty (01:41)

Jackson and his wife, Kim Jackson, discuss the financial hardships they face. Jackson is unable to procure health insurance. He understands why some men return to the street life.

King of the Jungle (02:48)

Ellis thrives on the street life. He explains the difficulty of gaining employment as a convicted felon.

Terrorism in Little Rock (03:54)

Detective Hurd compares his work on the streets of Little Rock to that of war combat in the Middle East. Despite ant-loitering regulations, the Crips continue to hang out at their home base, the "four" block.

Life After Prison (02:28)

In the past 10 years, Weathersby spent five years in prison for various charges. He claims he now works as a gigolo, and takes pride in his appearance.

Psychological Effects of Gang Life (03:24)

In 1993, Weathersby's brother committed suicide at the age of 15. Sonny Boy and Weathersby visit their brother's grave.

Prison Time (02:41)

Jackson's brother, DeWitt Jackson, is arrested for gun possession. He plea bargains and is sentenced to six years in prison.

Street Life Cycle (01:30)

Ellis is arrested for numerous charges, including theft and narcotics possession. Jackson explains why Ellis, and men like him, default back to the street life.

Homicide Victims (04:20)

Detective Hurd maintains pictures of gang members who were victims of homicide. On January 1, 2003, the police confront a 26-year-old firing an assault rifle in front of his house.

When Will it Stop? (02:36)

Since 1993, more than 400 people have died from gang-related violence in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jackson questions when the unnecessary killing will come to an end.

Credits: Back in the Hood: Gang War 2 (01:19)

Credits: Back in the Hood: Gang War 2

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Ten years ago, the Crips and the Bloods battled each other over control of the guns, drugs and streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. Today, survivors from these gang wars are hoping to make peace while inspiring a new generation not to make the same mistakes they did. But it’s tough to avoid the bangin’ lifestyle when there’s easy money to be made and nothing else going down. An HBO Production. 

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