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Apollo's Parents (03:02)


Hear an introduction of the sun god and his twin sister Artemis. Zeus seduces their mother Leto, who faces the wrath of his wife Hera, patron of marriage.

Hera's Wrath (03:23)

Zeus' wife tries to prevent him from committing infidelity but the plan backfires. When she hears of Leto's pregnancy, she calls Python on her. Leto wanders until reaching Asteria Island in the Aegean Sea, named after her sister.

Apollo's Quest for a Temple Location (02:15)

At Apollo's birth, Zeus sends him a lute, chariot, and bow and arrows. The precocious son plans to reveal to mortals their destinies. He leaves his birth island and travels to the land of Hyperboreans.

Conquering the Python (02:27)

The nymph Telphusa tricks Apollo into facing his adversary. After slaying the serpent, Zeus tells him to purify himself. He establishes the Pythic Games in Python’s honor.

Founding Delphi (02:15)

Apollo saves Cretan sailors and recruits them to tend his new temple. He lives by the maxim "Know Thyself." People come from all over to question the Oracle about their destinies.

Niobe's Loss (02:40)

Upon arriving at Olympus, Apollo's dark side emerges. Niobe boasts of her fertility to Leto and Apollo kills her fourteen children. She mourns them until Zeus turns her into a rock.

Apollo and Daphne (03:15)

Eros pierces Apollo's heart with a golden arrow and Daphne's heart with a lead arrow. She flees Apollo's advances and collapses at the River Peneus. Her father, the river god, turns her into a laurel tree. Apollo picks a branch to decorate his lyre.

Jealous Lover (02:47)

Apollo falls in love with Coronis, who becomes pregnant and falls in love with Ischys. Apollo kills Ischys and Coronis, but rescues baby Asclepius. Asclepius discovers how to resuscitate the dead, angering Hades. Zeus strikes down his grandson.

Hyacinth and Cyparissus (02:48)

Apollo targets the Cyclops. Enraged, Zeus makes him a servant to the king of Thessaly. Hear the fates of Apollo's male lovers. Learn why Apollo represents both shadow and light.

Credits: Appollon: The Great Greek Myths (00:29)

Credits: Appollon: The Great Greek Myths

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Apollo, Shadow and Light—The Great Greek Myths

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Although they were the son and daughter of Zeus, Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born under threats from the goddess Hera. Zeus' wife Hera never forgave the twins' mother - the nymph Leto - for her union with the King of Mount Olympus, and she forced Leto into exile. As a result, Apollo was a wandering god, who did not grow up on Olympus. He was a musician and an excellent archer, and was both gentle and cruel. He was also very handsome, but this did not spare him from being disappointed in love. At the service of his father, he created the first sacred site in Delphi, where mortals from all over the world came to question Pythia. But Apollo also incurred Zeus' wrath several times, even endangering himself in the process, and almost found himself in the depths of Tartarus.

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