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Meet Orpheus (02:59)


Hear an introduction of the legend's hero, including his family tree. The muses teach him to sing and play.

Golden Fleece Quest (04:13)

Orpheus joins Jason and the Argonauts on a journey to fetch the Golden Fleece to save his throne. Hear how it came to Colchis.

Sirens (03:10)

Jason and the Argonauts encounter trouble after recovering the Golden Fleece. Orpheus saves the sailors with his singing.

Eurydice (03:18)

Orpheus studies with the Priests of Memphis and challenges the Greek Pantheon by starting a vegetarianism trend. Hear how he and Eurydice fall in love. Hymen's torch dies at their wedding— a bad omen.

Journey to the Underworld (03:17)

Eurydice dies from a viper bite. Unable to accept the loss, Orpheus crosses the River Styx to bring her back. He charms Cerberus with his lyre.

Orpheus' Mistake (04:00)

Orpheus appeals to Hades to release Eurydice; his song moves the Underworld. Hades agrees but warns him not to turn around until he reaches the light. Orpheus is unable to resist and loses Eurydice again.

Orpheus' Death (03:47)

After losing Eurydice, the hero becomes a hermit. Dionysian worshipers kill him and his decapitated head comes to rest on Lesbos. Zeus places his lyre in the heavens, creating the Lyra constellation.

Credits: Orphee: The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Orphee: The Great Greek Myths

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Orpheus, A Hymn of Impossible Love—The Great Greek Myths

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths
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On certain evenings, the constellation of Lyra is visible in the skies. Following Orpheus' death, Zeus placed the constellation in the sky, as a tribute to the greatest poet and musician in Greek mythology.  Watched over by the muses from birth, Orpheus' talent enchanted nature, both trees and animals alike. A brave young man, Orpheus left with Jason's crew on board the Argo, to conquer the Golden Fleece. But what poets and artists remembered most about the myth of Orpheus was his passionate love story with the beautiful Eurydice. Having been bitten by a snake, Eurydice was condemned to join the kingdom of the dead. A distraught Orpheus followed her, and thanks to his lyre, managed to convince the Couple of the Underworld, Hades and Persephone, to give him back his wife.  They accepted on one condition: that Orpheus should leave the Underworld followed by Eurydice, but that on no account should he turn round to look at her. An ordeal like no other.

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