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Michel de Montaigne Quotes (03:01)


Hear quotes from the 16th century French civil servant.

Montaigne's Latin Childhood (03:57)

Montaigne came from a wealthy family. Until the age of six, he spoke in Latin, conversing with a tutor who was fluent in the language.

Education and Politics (02:54)

Montaigne's Latin fluency allowed him to communicate internationally. He also knew French and Greek, allowing him to attend any school. During Montaigne's lifetime, Roman Catholic and Protestant religions conflicted.

Bordeaux, France (03:09)

Montaigne hailed from the isolated town which was a center of learning. The best Latin speaker of the day, George Buchanan, became Montaigne's teacher when he was six years old.

Classical Authors (02:20)

Homer, Aristotle, Thucydides, and Virgil influenced Montaigne. Reason was assigned to classical authors and emotion to church doctrine in 16th century France.

Étienne de La Boétie (02:04)

Montaigne studied law at the University of Toulouse then became a Member of Parliament. He befriended a fellow Parliament member who later died. In dedication, he wrote essays about friendship.

Marriage and Individualism (03:23)

Montaigne had an arranged marriage with a woman with whom he had six children, though only one survived. Montaigne supported the idea of individualism in people.

Reputable Montaigne (03:26)

By the time he retired, Montaigne had a favorable reputation among France and with kings. He wrote essays that assisted people in tolerance and reasoning.

Renaissance Art (02:12)

Montaigne traveled to Rome and Florence, keeping a detailed account of his journey. He was part of the Renaissance movement of individuality.

Montaigne and Machiavelli (01:56)

Dante demonstrated to the world the depth of individuality. Montaigne and Machiavelli used their writing in similar ways, leading readers to understanding.

Montaigne's Completion (02:37)

Montaigne published his essays in 1580. His work was a bestseller, translated and redistributed across Europe.

Credits: Montaigne (00:30)

Credits: Montaigne

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In this film, learn about the life and work of Michel de Montaigne, a philosopher of the French Renaissance and esteemed author of the 16th century. Montaigne was a man of reasoning and tolerance, akin to Henry IV, and rare in his day. His essays published in 1580 shed light on the human condition; they are still applicable today. 

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